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Act Like A Gentleman: The Lesser-Known Gentleman’s Guide

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We all know the basics of being a gentleman. Dress well, look good, and look the part. Are the basics enough though? What makes you stand out from the crowd of pretenders thinking they’re the classy gentleman type? How to Act Like A Gentleman.

Let’s take a look.

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Posture is everything. Even the best suits are going to look like trash if you’re not standing correctly. Slouched over posture makes the back loose and the front tight. Stand up straight as stay like that. Back straight, chest out, and chin slightly upwards facing.

If you can’t maintain this posture naturally, try exercise. Weightlifting can help you immensely with your posture. Not only that, but it’ll help you fill out your clothes a little better too. The deadlift is what helps your posture the most.

The position of the lift should align you in the same way as having correct posture. Muscle memory should make it easy for you to get into that position even without the weight.

What You Eat

No, not where you eat. What you eat. Nobody is telling you what to eat, but if you want to put on a public persona as a gentleman you need to live it. Classier foods are the fare of the gentleman. No cheap, sloppy burgers, but instead delicately cooked roast beef and new potatoes garnished with rosemary.

Voice Control

What is the voice of a gentleman? Considered and ever calm. Don’t take this as needing to become emotionless and robotic. See it instead as that you need to control your tone. The gentleman is a witty raconteur. Drier than gin but twice as intoxicating.

Being Entertaining

On that note, as a gentleman you need to be able to tell a good joke or anecdote. For some people, this is natural, for others not so much. If you want to be a true gentleman, you need to be able to entertain a small crowd and have them hanging off your every word.

How does this work? First of all recount a funny story to yourself. So long as it’s funny to more than just you, it should work. Next, you need to find the quickest and most entertaining way to tell it. Nobody likes a story that doesn’t get to the punchline for minutes on end.

Practice telling it over and over in a mirror until you’re happy with it. Then, test it on a few small audiences. If all goes well, you’ll have a story to pull out at any party or social gathering.

Act Like A Gentleman

A gentleman is many things. The thing to remember is that gentle is in the name. A brash and obnoxious person is not a gentleman. A person who doesn’t understand personal plights or isn’t able to sympathize isn’t a gentleman.

A gentleman should be in part a standard to uphold yourself to. A goal or ideal that you need to work hard to reach every single day. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about being good too.