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Six Most Popular Men’s Wallet Styles

Men’s Wallet Styles

Like women, men have preferences when it comes to their wallet. These preferences could include anything from the material to the color. Whether you are a woman looking for a wallet for your husband, brother or friend, it is crucial to know the available styles prior to starting the shopping expedition. This information will play a key role in ensuring you find the perfect wallet for the intended recipient. Below, you will discover a list of the most popular men’s wallet styles and so much more.

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Bifold Wallet

The bifold design is extremely popular among both young and older men. These wallets are available in an array of colors, sizes and with a variety of compartments. They are also available in back- and front-pocket styles. You really cannot go wrong with a bifold wallet, as it is very practical and attractive.

Trifold Wallet

While many men prefer the bifold design, it can be a little bulky and too large for some pant and shirt pockets. The trifold style has three folds, making it more compact and suitable for most pant and shirt pockets. This design is also very popular, especially among the younger male generation, because it offers plenty of compartments for credit cards, ID cards, cash and photos.

If the intended recipient wears tight jeans with small pockets, the trifold wallet will suit them the best. It is smaller than the bifold design, but still offers plenty of space for the much-needed accessories.

Classic Leather

You should know that a lot of men like to remain classic. They love the feeling of nostalgia. Leather offers that better than anything else. This is why a lot of men prefer sticking with a classic leather wallet. Leather is really one of the best materials ever. It is fairly affordable and very durable. On top of that, it looks great. As long as you’re not allergic to leather, you’ll love it. Just remember that leather might not make a good choice for a waterproof wallet. If you intend to be adventurous, you’ll probably want to stick with something a little more resistant to water.

A classic leather wallet or a plush flat wallet should have plenty of compartments for your cash, cards and other important documents.

Card Holder

If you want to be minimalistic, you’ll want to invest in a slim card holder. This is much smaller than anything else. On top of that, it can easily be carried in your back or front pocket. The only downside is that the capacity is going to be greatly reduced. Still, a good card holder should have plenty of spots for your money and credit cards. You can also find these types of wallets with a clip on the side. This makes it possible for you to clip the card holder onto your pants so you don’t get pickpocketed.

Phone Case Wallet

In this day and age, almost all men carry a smartphone and a wallet. So, you should think about killing two birds with one stone. You can do that by investing in a smartphone case wallet. This type of wallet is going to hold your phone and cards simultaneously. It is really nothing more than a smartphone case with a slot for cash and cards. Just be careful with this type of wallet. After all, you’re going to lose everything if you leave your smartphone behind.

This type of wallet will work great for almost every man. However, it might be best for millennials who wish to lighten their load.

Travel Wallet

Do you intend to travel a bit in the future? If so, you’re going to need to carry more documents. You’ll need credit cards, cash, and a passport. You might need other items as well. It depends on where you’re going and how long you want to stay. This is where a travel wallet enters the picture. It is specifically designed for traveling men and it offers numerous perks. For starters, this type of wallet will include a closing zipper. This will ensure that nobody is able to steal you blind without you knowing about it. At the same time, a travel wallet will have a specific place for your passport.

They’re available in various sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, most travel wallets tend to be pretty small. Therefore, they’re not ideal for every day use. Instead, travel wallets are best for those who are going to be traveling over a long distance and need a passport.

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