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Samuel Hubbard Shoes: The Ultimate in Men’s Style and Comfort

Samuel Hubbard Shoes

Have you been searching for shoes that are both stylish and comfortable for what seems like an eternity? Have you found footwear that looks amazing, but pinches your toes; or shoes that feel like you’re wearing slippers, but you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them in public? We know exactly how you feel!

Finding the right pair of shoes that strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort can seem like a never-ending quest. After trying on dozens of shoes, to no avail, we are pleased to inform you that we have finally found a brand that is both amazingly stylish and incredibly comfortable. What are these glorious shoes, you ask?  – Samuel Hubbard Shoes!

Samuel Hubbard history

We know, we know; you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah, right! There’s no way that a shoe can be fashionable and comfy at the same time. It just doesn’t exist!” Well, our friends, you will be delighted to know that we are not talking about some mythical footwear!

Want to learn more? In this Samuel Hubbard Shoes review, we’ll shed light on this thoughtful designer and his masterful creations. After reading this review, we are confident that like us, you will have found the shoes of your dreams!

About Samuel Hubbard Shoes

The Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company was founded in 2014 by one of the founders of Rockport shoes.

After listening to countless people complain about not being able to find shoes that are functional, comfortable, and stylish – and not being able to find such a shoe themselves – the pair decided to partner and create a shoe that would meet every man’s needs. The goal of the founders was to create shoes that were, above all else, functional. But they wanted to design footwear that was more than functional; they wanted to craft shoes that were also durable, stylish, and comfortable, all at the same time! And guess what? – The grandson and grandfather team succeeded!

Samuel Hubbard shoes are the “every man’s” shoes. They are made for men of all tastes and interests, and who participate in every type of activity. Whether you spend all day on your feet or you enjoy jumping from party to party, Samuel Hubbard shoes are the footwear that you have been searching for! They are literally made for working, walking, playing; in other words, they’re made for living.

Made of the highest quality materials, such as leather and suede, and designed with the finest craftsmanship, these shoes are an absolute must for every man.

OK, so now that you know a bit of the back story about these shoes, let’s get on to the Samuel Hubbard review. Below, we’ll highlight some of the different designs from this shoe designer, including their line of golf shoes, boat shoes, and boots.

Golf Shoes

First up, let’s talk about the incredible line of golf shoes from Samuel Hubbard. Whether you’re teeing off on a Black Diamond course or you’re practicing with your Callaway Irons at the driving range, you’re going to want to slip on a pair of these babies!

Samuel Hubbard’s golf shoes are designed specifically for golf. When designing these shoes, they took into consideration all of the most important elements, including comfort, function, and style.

36 Holes Golf Shoes

The 36 Holes Golf Shoes are just one of the styles available. Featuring weather resistant, hand-stitched leather uppers and an advanced mudguard, your feet will be well-protected while you’re walking the course, no matter the elements. Thanks to the shock absorbent sole and high-performance lug bottoms, you will be securely planted on the ground, and your feet will be fully supported.

Another great choice for golfers is the First Up Golf Shoes. They also feature water-resistant, hand-stitched leather uppers, as well as Samuel Hubbard’s advanced mudguard. They’re also lined with a glove-leather lining, which offers outstanding breathability, reduced pressure points, and offers an incredibly luxurious feeling. I covered some common sports shoes made by Samuel Hubbard but there are many other sports such as soccer. And in-case you are a soccer player, I would like you to try out these most comfortable soccer shoes. You might like the suggestions given there considering the comfort factor in shoes

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are the quintessential everyday wear shoe. Of course, they can be worn while hitting the high seas, but they can also be worn while you’re running errands, having drinks with pals, or doing just about anything.

The New Endeavor Boat Shoes feature a leather exterior, which has been impregnated with oil. The wax topcoat means that they not only repel water, but they also retain their supple softness. And talk about craftsmanship! These boat shoes are made using a traditional technique known as siping, which provides a custom non-slip, shock absorbing rubber sole. The tie-up design gives them a classic look that will work with any attire.

The Blue Skies Boat Shoe is another excellent example of Samuel Hubbard’s commitment to delivering high-quality, well-designed, comfortable, and stylish shoes. These have a more casual slip-on loafer design. They are perfect for everything from boating to hitting a live show. Made of the highest quality leather and boasting non-skid rubber soles, your feet will thank you whenever you put them in these boat shoes.


Whether you’re in need of shoes for work or you are looking for a pair of dressy, yet trendy shoes, Samuel Hubbard’s boots definitely won’t disappoint.

Their 24 Seven Boots are an absolute must-have. They feature full-glove leather lining, which offers a supple softness as you’ve never experienced before. They also reduce pressure points, so your feet will literally feel as if they are walking on clouds. The design is a mix of modern and classic, and they slip right on for easy wear.

The Rainy-Day Reboot is an outstanding weather-resistant boot. They also have a full glove leather, super-soft lining that reduces pressure points. Add to that the Custom Vibram soles and a Lightweight Kevlar shank, and your feet will be supported all day long.

Samuel Hubbard sole

Summing It Up

Whether you’re looking for shoes for work or play, you can’t go wrong with Samuel Hubbard! Offering a wide range of designs for a variety of functions, your feet will never be the same after you’ve put on a pair of these incredible shoes.

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