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How To Incorporate Jeans Into An Evening Look

As we’ve already written, a pair of nice jeans is an essential item for every man’s wardrobe, not least of all because they’ll allow you to seamlessly switch between casual and formal with a quick change of shirt. This means you can hit two birds with one stone — perfect for those who prefer to travel light or just keep as minimal a wardrobe as possible.

Get a pair of high-quality jeans and they’ll look just as at home alongside a T-shirt and hoody as they will a button-down. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt a few times for a smart-casual look, or throw on a blazer for an extra touch of class as you step out for the evening.


If you want a pair of jeans which you can wear with formal outfits, go for a pair in either dark blue or black with minimal branding. Edwin Jeans produce high-quality denims free of gaudy logos in a wide variety of fits, so they’re a great choice no matter what your personal style. Pick up a pair online from Fat Buddha and receive free next day delivery.

The most important thing to keep in mind when dressing up a pair of jeans is the shoes. Ditch the trainers when going for a formal look, and instead go for a pair of good-quality leather shoes or boots — you won’t be able to go wrong with Chelsea boots or a nice pair of Oxford or brogue shoes. A quick note on choosing the right colour shoe: black jeans go best with black shoes, while blue jeans will look just as good paired with black or brown footwear.


Keep in mind that to really achieve a formal look, you need to keep your shoes clean and polished — take a look at this guide from Art of Manliness to find out how to do so with minimal hassle. Furthermore, while a laid-back and unpolished style can look great in a casual outfit, you should stay well away from it if you’re going for a formal look. Make sure your clothes are all pressed and ironed, and that no item is crumpled or untidy.

To bring the outfit together and make yourself stand out from the crowd, make sure not to pay some attention to accessories. Dress things down with a scarf in the colder months or a pair of sunglasses in the summer, go formal with a nice pair of cufflinks, or introduce a statement piece with a hat. The one accessory which will complete both a formal and smart-causal outfit is a watch with a nice leather strap — take a look on Watch Shop for an excellent selection.

Keep these principles in mind when incorporating jeans into you’re an evening look and you’re sure to pull it off in style.

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