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How to Hang Plates on the Wall

How to Hang Plates on the Wall
Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels

Commemorative plates and hanging art that isn’t standard prints or illustrations is seeing a resurgence in interior design circles, particularly since repeated lockdowns due to coronavirus have seen more people than ever have the time to try out a new hobby and indulge in crafts. Plates, along with the likes of crafts such as embroidery and cross-stitch, are seeing a surge in popularity as a result and are being transformed from the twee crafts of old to new, creative outlets enjoyed by people of all ages. These aren’t the arts and crafts your grandparents favored – but they do make for equally inviting, yet likely more modern, art displays in the home when plates are hung on the wall.

Plate hanging and gallery curation specialists Picture Hanging Systems offer a variety of plate hangers and know a thing or two about displaying your art in the most appropriate way for your home and style – so here they cover off some inspiration and ideas for hanging non-traditional design pieces.

Hanging Plates

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Plates are often curved and not flat like standard wall hangings, so they require bespoke hanging materials. There are usually in the form of special plate hanging apparatus that affix to the back of the plate and grip the sides in place, hanging from a nail or hook embedded in the wall. For those renting or otherwise unable to put holes into their walls, there are some more temporary options involving adhesive pads that can be stuck directly onto the wall and peeled off when removal is required.

The most important thing when hanging plates is to consider whether they are well enough ‘gripped’; as their shape can mean they’re considerably more at risk of becoming dislodged and falling – and of course, as plates aren’t contained by a frame, the risk of damage is more significant.

Sourcing Plates

Commemorative plates were popularised toward the end of the 19th century and used both as an art form and a way to memorialize large events. A charity shop staple when mass-produced and an auction house dream when created in limited runs, plates can be bought more easily than before thanks to the wonders of the internet.

What’s more, decorated plates as an art form becoming popular again means that they can now be purchased through a variety of channels, including Etsy and Amazon, and at very reasonable prices direct from artists.

Making Plates

Decorative plates can add a differing touch to the aesthetic of an otherwise more traditional or gallery wall, but if you can’t find one to fit your design or theme – why not make one? DIY art décor creates unique pieces and allows you to tailor your plates to fit the exact look you’re after. There are ready-made ‘all-in-one’ plate decorating kits available from various craft retailers but sharpies sealed with a quick blast in the oven is the generally accepted easiest method.

Displaying Plates

Plates don’t need to be stacked or propped up on vintage dressers, as seen in so many homes. Instead, incorporate the plates into a gallery wall, hang them one above the other or use them otherwise oft-forgotten spaces such as above doors and down the side of mantlepieces and large furniture. When working on a gallery wall theme with specifically colored frames, simply color the outside of the plate with a matching border to fit.

Dispelling the traditional limits of art display allows you to get creative and make a masterpiece – ceramic and dynamic! Gone are the days of lines of rectangular frames; now, we’re embracing arts in all its forms, shapes, and sizes.

Featured Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels