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Here’s What Your Wardrobe Says About You

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Believe it or not, there are people out there who can genuinely read your mind. Well, to a certain extent. They are called psychologists, and their work in the relatively fresh research field of “fashion psychology” has uncovered some intriguing revelations about what parts of your personality can be discerned from just a look at your wardrobe.

The London College of Fashion has started offering the planet’s first courses in fashion psychology. Those have been established by the institution’s reader of psychology, Carolyn Mair. This chartered psychologist explained to fashion magazine site Who What Wear many details of what someone’s wardrobe can tell her. She has drawn upon empirical evidence for her conclusions…

You have so many clothes… but so few you like

This is an issue that can arise if you often impulsively buy clothes rather than carefully think about exactly what to buy. In this situation, you could enjoy the shopping process more than the clothes that you purchase along the way. Therefore, your wardrobe could soon lack coordination.

Mair explains that someone with such a wardrobe could also resist disposing of any of their clothes, remaining convinced that, one day, they will wear whatever items they currently dislike. They could also be too easily tempted by clothes sales and be indecisive about what to wear each morning.

You leave items on the floor rather than hang them up

If this is you, disorganization could be a key part of your life. However, despite this, you might not actually realize the mess in certain parts of your life. Mair says that someone who leaves their clothes like this “is quite likely to perceive themselves as very busy; however, if they were more organized, they’d have more time for other potentially more interesting or important tasks.”

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Your clothes are organized by type

Thankfully, after the commonly disparaging conclusions drawn so far, this sign is actually positive. Having all of your clothes of a particular type in strictly one part of the wardrobe can make it easier for you to find certain clothes; this, in turn, can help lower stress. According to Mair, the type of person with this kind of wardrobe “is concerned with basics, is likely to be down to earth and practical and is willing to invest time in advance to reap benefits later.”

How to dress for success

Fashion psychology is still in its infancy; still, before too long, your clothes and what you do with them could give away much more about your personality. Nonetheless, it’s not just a one-way thing; by changing your clothes, you could change your attitude… and for the better!

There is scientific backing for the theory of “enclothed cognition”, whereby your clothes can say positive things to you and, as a result, lead you to become a better person. Such evidence comes from a Northwestern University study cited by Forbes. So, why not buy some smart work pants from Dickies Life to revitalize your inner self? This company offers a broad variety of such pants.