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The Definitive Guide to Men’s Shorts

Hiking shorts
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Summer is finally upon us. The question is, are you accurately prepared in the apparel department? In the “metrosexual” age, many of us have wardrobes that go all the way to Narnia, but many are still deficient in the summer gear. Today we are going to discuss shorts, the most important part of anybody’s summer attire. There are several styles of shorts to consider and here are the main ones:

Basketball Shorts

These are especially popular in North America on those hot summer days. Rather roomy, they offer maximum comfort but because of that are also considered far less dressy. However, wearing them for casual purposes is completely acceptable. Brands are probably too numerous to list here.

Less bummy than basketball shorts but as comfortable and popular are the workout ones, shorts you can wear both in and out of the gym. Workout shorts are available in various styles, and as standard is made of advanced, breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics to enhance your exercise performance. A good example: Condor Celex Workout Shorts, with a full gusseted crotch for added mobility but also offset zippered pockets for safe storage of keys, wallets, cell phones, etc. Remember, fashion should always function.

Traditional Cargo Shorts

These are those classic shorts that people just love or love to hate. Their main advantage is that extra pocket space, a handy feature when out and about in the sun. Folks may scoff but carrying the sunscreen around with you is not at all a bad idea in the summer months. Moreover, cargo shorts are usually made of natural, lightweight and breathable materials to beat the heat. A great example is Brandit Savage Vintage Shorts which comes with a whopping nine pockets and also a supplementary cotton webbed belt. The fact that you can get a pair in the camouflage is also a plus: camo patterns are back in fashion.

Good news for those not so fond of the extensive style of most cargo shorts: there are dressier models available too, with a sleeker design that allows them to be worn in formal/casual occasions in hot weather, especially during open-air events.

Men's Shorts
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Swimming Shorts

These are the ultimate summer piece of clothing. After all, what describes summertime better than the sea and sandy beach you associate swimming shorts with? You should have at least two in your suitcase when heading on holiday. Some of them have no pockets and frankly can be used for one thing only. But if you think swimming shorts have very limited use – think again. You can easily find more functional, universal designs.

Pentagon Hippocampus Swimming Shorts are a good example. For one thing, these are made of durable and quick-drying fabric, intended to withstand the rigors of chlorine, salt water, sand, etc. Moreover, these actually do come with pockets: two regular hand pockets with inner mesh lining, the back pocket secured with Velcro fastening (perfect for storing keys, etc.), and a small inner sleeve pocket. The elasticated tunnel tube waistband makes them even more comfortable, and I swear I saw guys wearing swimming shorts like these every day on holiday.

Hiking Shorts

Is lying on the beach not your thing? If you prefer to spend your holiday actively, there are shorts for that. Based on the old good cargo shorts pattern, hiking shorts are a successful compromise between the look, function, and comfort. There is a lot of advanced design work and rigorous outdoor testing behind them, and because of that, they are quickly gaining popularity.

Take the Helikon Outdoor Tactical Shorts: based on the Outdoor Tactical Pants, hailed by outdoor enthusiasts, these come with articulated, anatomic cut and plenty full of pockets. Not to mention the material: a 4-way elastic Nylon and Spandex blend with extra DuPont Teflon coating to withstand whatever summer throws at you. They are an excellent choice for almost any situation – obviously not only hiking.

Granted, there are and probably always will be people crying out that shorts can’t be good fashion. These are the oppressive and miserable people who think that good fashion means walking around bathed in sweat because you are dressing inappropriately for the weather and climate. Not to mention, exposing one’s extremities actually does have several health benefits. Look it up if you don’t believe it. And if institutions like GQ can promote shorts, anybody can wear them with relative impunity. Ignore those fashion Nazis. Be comfortable, and fashionable at the same time.

Just remember to pair your shorts with the appropriate shoes for the occasion. Even if these days you can rock a pair of classy shorts to a nice event without fear of Victorian reprisals, it doesn’t mean that those stinking sneakers or crocs get a pass too!

Happy shorts hunting for all of you.

Featured Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay