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The bedroom of a modern single man – 5 tips for planning it right

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When it comes to bedroom design, the ideas in the mind of a man and that of a woman are poles apart. While for women, the list is always refreshing, for a man it almost boils down to just comfort and simplicity. When a single man plans or hires someone to plan his bedroom, he is looking for a more practical design.

Today, we’re looking at a few practical tips on planning your bedroom:

  1. Incorporate Technology

Who doesn’t want to tinker around with technology? There hardly is a single man who is not in love with his gadgets. The bedroom should be planned to accommodate his flashy BOSE speakers, his new 83x zoom camera, and a nice table for his Macbook Air.

1 technology in the bedroom - The bedroom of a modern single man - 5 tips for planning it right
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You’ll find tons of advice about removing all tech and gadgets from your bedroom and that’s probably right for a housewife in her 50s, but for a young man with healthy sleep habits, that’s just optional.

Making it a rule not to stare at bright screens an hour before going to bed will give your brain enough down time to go to sleep relaxed.

  1. A Comfortable mattress

Speaking of bed, a comfortable mattress is probably the most important element of a single man’s bedroom. Single men aren’t home very much and a good number of them travel a lot for work. A comfortable mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep.

2 sound asleep dream series air mattress - The bedroom of a modern single man - 5 tips for planning it right
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Be bold in your choices

What’s wrong with being the guy with the waterbed?

Did you ever think of getting an air mattress? These babies have come a long way in the last decades and will have you sound asleep within minutes. Just go online, read some reviews of the airbeds and you’ll see what we mean.

  1. Right mix of details

Go with leather and metal to evoke the feeling of masculinity to anyone that walks through that door.

Choose unusual floor patterns will reinforce the feeling of being bold and different. Modern artwork will suggest that you are an adventurous spirit.


3 right mix of details - The bedroom of a modern single man - 5 tips for planning it right
47512989 – bedroom avant-garde style, 3d model

All the right messages are in the details.

  1. Functionality

Guys want everything organized. They want to be able to find everything easily. For example, they should be able to plug their phone sitting on their bed, meaning the charging sockets should be right by their bedside.

They want a permanent place for their ties, a separate one for their hankies, one for their socks, a drawer for their cufflinks; you understand how this works. The furniture and the location of everything should be practical and follow a pattern. At the same time, it should be minimalistic, something that is not burdened with detail and gives him ‘space’.

4 minimal bedroom - The bedroom of a modern single man - 5 tips for planning it right
46197867 – elegant bedroom contemporary style. monochrome interior bedroom with elegant double bed and white patterned carpet with black frame. 3d render
  1. Colour Palette

Men are fond of neutral colours. They like black, gray, beige and whites, although the personal taste is an important factor here. They like their bedrooms to look stylish and elegant donned with quilted fabric and leather. The modern man’s bedroom should be should be a little unconventional yet creative.

At the end of the day, a single man’s bedroom should be one that is convenient and practical for him, but should also be a tad chick magnet, one which could transform into the next level when his partner moves in.

After all, he’s not going to be single forever, right.

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