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A Little Online Tie Shopping with Mitchell Roberts

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Photo by Rhii Photography on Unsplash

Have you ever walked out of your favorite clothing store, disappointed about the current selection of patterns and fabrics,wondering where you will find that perfect tie you’re looking for? Maybe the thought of ploughing through the salesmen and mediocre selection of several other stores looms heavily in front of you. Going back to an old standby in the closet may start to seem like a more valuable way to spend your afternoon. There is another option at home though. You can browse the immense selection of ties online from a reputable vendor.

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Photo by Rhii Photography on Unsplash

I have always hesitated a little with online clothes shopping because I like to feel fabrics on my fingers, and with ties this means getting an idea of its construction and weight. Most of my favorite ties have more similarities in their material and build than in their patterns or sense of style.  If you’re more of a pattern/color type of guy, the online option is really great. Because in the end online tie shopping is about selection and value.

Mitchell Roberts is a great place to start for a well thought out and presented selection of classic and modern ties. This is exactly what you want when buying clothes unseen: something not far from the center of the barometer. The selection is split into the 4 basic categories of knitted, silk, slim and bow-tie. From there, it is a simple matter of scrolling through the galleries and picking out the ones that look right for you. Prices are very fair, especially if you can catch a sale. Figure about $16 for an on-sale product to about $39 for a knit.

The smooth experience of browsing patterns on the site continues on into the shipping and service. My Red & Sky-Blue Stripe Silk tie showed up at my door, in Canada, 3 days after ordering with the $12 Express shipping option. Free shipping is available on all ties if you’re in less of a panic. The tie itself was in truth exactly what I was expecting. Well constructed if not exceptional, made from blemish-free fabric that feels durable. I picked the bright pattern as a good compliment to an everyday navy suit in spring – something to add some interest with bright colors.  After several days of wearing the tie the knot areas have held their shape well and spring back to a flat shape after sitting overnight on a rack.

It’s nice to know that if I’m looking for a unique pattern or just want to restock my tie rack, that shopping conveniently at home is at least a viable option. Old habits die hard though, and it’s safe to say that I still love to feel my ties before buying them. But when I get to the price tag I may turn around and head back to the computer anyways. Thanks to Michael at Mitchell Roberts for the great service from the site.

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