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Le Club Miami Inspired Swimwear

I was hiding out in Boca Raton when I saw the Le Club Miami swimwear brand on the web. Desperate to escape the monotony of a retirement community I booked an impromptu flight to Aruba just as my Blueport by Le Club Retro trunks arrived.

It’s not that I knew I would be swimming on pristine beaches surrounded by flamingos like Devin Graham. Though I certainly did. My impromptu photo shoot wearing my Le Club swimwear really came in handy helping me look the part sans an actual beach body.

This Aspiring Gentleman has now moved into his own place in Miami Beach. I’m the Le Club bathing suit on the white sand beaches beside international beach clubs like Nikki Beach. My body may not fit in, but my swim trunks do.

Le Club swimwear won’t be the best for your community pool during the winter months, but any time you travel to the tropical beaches, cruises, and beyond you will look like you belong in a Corona ad with pops of Miami-inspired colors and prints like fruits, flamingos, and palm trees. We have Venezuelan founder Moises Hirshbein to thank for infusing his Latin American background into Le Club swimwear.


The retro swimsuit featured in the photo retails for a reasonable $49 USD. They have plenty more to choose from at that price range or the Le Club Original starting at $85 USD. You can find them being sold directly at https://www.lecluboriginal.com/, Nordstroms, Gilt, and other shops.

Thanks to Le Club for providing us with a pair of trunks to model in Aruba. All opinions expressed are our own.