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Alpaca Socks by Herdes de Ferme

Whether you identify as a fashion-savvy individual or a free-spirit that does not care about high-end clothing, something that you must have in your dresser are a few pairs of Alpaca Socks.

While considered a wardrobe staple for comfort, a stylish pair of socks also lets you spruce up your outfits with a certain sense of flair without letting it seem like you are trying too hard. And Herde de Ferme, a New York-based farm that also doubles as an accessory design house, knows just how to help.

The farm’s founders are known for rescuing alpacas and keeping them safe. They are also gradually making a name for themselves by making clothing and accessories from sustainably and humanely sourced alpaca wool.

Which seems to be the right career move by them, since their products do not only look the epitome of panache, but also sport the luster of silk and a feel of warmth that would keep you feeling all fuzzy even during a harsh bout of cold weather.

It is because alpacas are known for living in high altitudes, and thus have been gifted by nature with wool that keeps them warm and comforted during the mountainous conditions. That is a major reason why they are bred by locals in South America, so that they could not only be rescued by those who love animals, but that their wool could be sourced to help those who might be in need of the clothing fiber.

Herde de Ferme emulates the same utility while also ensuring that the designs that it provides through its Peru-based alpaca wool products remain interesting and captivating to everyone who sees them. While this dictum of the company is prevalent in all of its products – even in the ethically sourced fur products – it is evident the most in its socks.

And the Alpaca socks for men stand out for their distinct designs that have been put together with long-term usage in mind. Despite being trendy, their designs look like something that you could select to wear year-round to complement your outfits whether they pertain to your work attire or some casual clothing.

With designs ranging from geometric patterns to elegant solids, the line of socks by Herde de Ferme is bound to please everyone. What’s best about them is that they look good enough to be sported on their own within your home, and with the holiday approaching fast, seem like a natural item to get your hands – or feet – on.

These socks were provided by Herde de Ferme for review purposes only. All opinions are that of Aspiring Gentleman.