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How to Tackle the Tricky Question of Hair Loss

Many men are a bit self-conscious about the topic of hair loss yet it happens the vast majority of us.  Thinning, going grey and eventually loosing hair is an unfortunate side effect of aging yet has become something of a taboo subject.  Hair loss treatment therefore is something talked around but not always about.  The newest technique available, called Hydrobrush, aims to help deal with this awkward problem is aiming to bring the subject into the light and make hair loss something that can be dealt with and shouldn’t be embarrassing.  But what is Hydrobrush and how does it work?


Direct to the scalp

Hydrobrush is the first hair brush that can deliver hair loss treatments straight to the scalp to make application simple, quick and the effect very natural.  The process takes only a few seconds to use, requiring to brush the hair a couple of times on the top and on the side to apply the serum.

But why does this help with hair loss?  It helps because the Hydrobrush is no mere hair brush.  It has a handle that unscrews to allow the brush to be filled with up to 60ml of serum and then seals up tight to prevent leaking.  The serum then applies directly to the scalp from each tip of every bristle on the brush, which also uses a rolling ball to ensure the serum is only dispensed when there is pressure – in other words, when you are brushing your hair.

To see how it works, check out this video:


Often hair loss treatments can be complicated and time consuming but the Hydrobrush system allow for convenient treatment, taking very little time to apply and meaning you can take it with you if you travel for business or go on holiday.  It is also easy to clean, requiring to be washed through with running water then wiped dry with paper towel.


The treatments

So, that’s why Hydrobrush is a clever, revolutionary systems but what about the serums that it applies?  What are they and how do they work?

There are two different serums available to work alongside the Hydrobrush.  Both have had extensive in-house clinical trials by the developers to ensure the best possible results.  Both treatments include two products.

Treatment #1 uses Minoxidil which is applied twice daily through the Hydrobrush and a product called Spark which is used twice a day too.  This treatment regime works for the majority of people apart from those with sensitive skin who are effected by the ingredients in minoxidil.  Therefore, if this is the case, then Treatment #2 recommend using minoxidil once a day and the Spark product twice a day.

Spark is a combination of six different ingredients that are shown to help hair re-growth and nourishing the roots to promote healthy scalp and hair.  These include apple extract and caffeine and has been shown to be effective for 90% of users.



The Hydrobrush and the associated serums are a great way to deal with the problem of hair thinning and loss and to restore self-confidence.  There is no complicated process to using the brush and the high quality materials used means that the brush will last for at least twelve months, if not longer.