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How to File Nails Correctly?

Image by Ольга Бережна from Pixabay

If you are someone who loves keeping long colored nails, you know just how important filing your nails are. However, it also comes at a cost. While you are filing your nails, you can never be sure whether they will stay intact or not. If you have constantly faced the pain of a broken nail because of filing, chances are you are doing it wrong.

Don’t worry! This is where we come in. If you are tired of scrounging the internet for “how do you file nails, so they don’t split?” then all you need to do is read on. Below is how you can file your natural nails correctly.

Pick the right tools

Before you begin to actually file your nails, sit back and choose the products that you will need throughout the process. Yes, you will need a nail file, but that is not all. There are other tools that are extremely crucial for protecting your long nails and preventing them from getting weaker. These are:

  • Fingernail clippers: If you have long nails and are looking to shorten your length a bit, it is helpful to first trim your fingernails so you do not have to file a lot. Be careful while clipping as not to break the nails.
  • Nail file: A nail file is an obvious tool you will need for filing your nails. There are several nail files available in the market, but it is recommended that you go for a glass manicure stick file as they are gentle on nails and easier to clean.
  • Nail oil or cuticle oil: You should never skip keeping a bottle of nail oil or cuticle oil as it helps in repairing frayed nails and keeps your nails moisturized to prevent breakage.
Image by Walter Bichler from Pixabay

Choose a nail shape

Most people’s nail shape is either square or round. Your nail shape depends on your genetics. However, you can change it. Below is a list of popular nail shapes you can try:

  • Almond
  • Coffin
  • Round
  • Square
  • Squoval
  • Stiletto

How to file natural nails?

Once you have all your tools ready and the shape in mind. You can proceed to file your nails. Here is how you can do it properly:

  • Trim the nails before filing if you are getting rid of the extra length.
  • Mentally divide the nail into two sections: left and right.
  • Hold your finger towards your face so your nail is facing your face.
  • Start from the outside corner to the center. Make sure not to file back and forth to prevent breakage.
  • Do the same for the other corner once you have the desired shape and length.
  • Avoid filing your nails too fast, as it will be difficult to track how much length is already gone.


That was all! Now you know how you can file your natural nails correctly without them breaking. Remember to not file your nails back and forth to avoid fraying your nails. Moreover, if you file this way, your whole nail may start to move. So, take care and happy nail filing!

Featured Image by Ольга Бережна from Pixabay