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8 Immaculate Grooming Tips for Grooms

It’s old news that men are spending more time in the bathroom. The use of cleansing scrubs, face packs, and moisturizers is no longer confined to the fairer sex. Men are taking care of their looks like never before. If you’re not already familiar with the essentials for impeccable looks, there’s no better time to learn the ropes than in the lead-up to your wedding day.

Here, Mike James and Arabian Tents have put together a guide to make sure you’re the best-groomed gentleman at your wedding. If you’re serious about this, don’t leave it until the day before your wedding. Impeccably groomed men have preened, fussed, and perfected a rigorous routine. You should be working at this from the moment you’ve popped the question.

  1. Drink up

Top of the pops is to keep hydrated. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day will help your body get rid of toxins, meaning you’ll be glowing from inside out. Keep alcohol to a minimum – it’s so dehydrating. You want to look your best, don’t you?

  1. Haircut 100

Perfecting your haircut could take time. Set up regular haircuts with your stylist every three weeks. Just make sure you know that the barber is using quality tools like these rose gold hair scissors. If you’re thinking of a complete re-style, make a gradual transition so as not to shock your loved one on the big day.

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  1. Beard blessings

We know beards are all the rage, but unless you’re planning a hippy wedding, keep it trimmed, pruned, and oil. Yes, you heard us right – oiled. Beard oils are the new hair gloss. It tames and softens your facial hair and hydrates your skin at the same time. Nurture your beard if it’s a feature in your wedding day look. Invest in a beard trimmer and master the weekly tidy-up.

  1. Shave like an expert

You can’t beat a good, old-fashioned wet shave. If it feels like a chore, get a professional shave done once a week, as well as on the morning of the wedding. Make it part of your wedding day’s getting ready routine. A good professional will even throw in a temple massage to ease your nerves.

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  1. Face off

Understanding that your skin needs a little TLC is half the battle. If you haven’t already got a daily skincare routine, now is the time to get things glowing. Your skin is your largest organ. It needs attention to keep it healthy. Having a daily skincare routine will help to keep your face clear and bright for the special day. Find out your skin type (don’t be afraid to ask at the beauty counter), then buy products to match your skin type. You’ll need:

  • A men’s facial cleanser – removes dull skin and impurities (never wash your face with a bar of soap – it’s too harsh and will dry your skin out). Apply face wash, gently rub in circles, and rinse with cool water. You’ll need to do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Tag it on to your teeth cleaning routine.
  • A men’s facial scrub – it’s the secret weapon in a good shaving routine. Use once or twice a week prior to your usual shave. Directions are the same as for the cleanser.
  • Moisturizer – use just a small amount after cleansing to help hydrate and deliver essential nutrients to your skin. Gently apply to a cleansed face and let it soak in. Gorgeous.

Stick with it. Using just three products and a daily routine you can shed the dead skin cells and bring a glow to tired-looking skin. Don’t try out new products just before the big day.

  1. Nail it

It’s essential that you book a manicure and pedicure a few days before the wedding. Wedding guests will be giving approving nods at your wedding ring, so your nails are on show. As for your feet, your loved one will notice your efforts. Don’t be shy. If you’re worried about standing out from the crowd in a regular beauty salon, most towns and cities have a gentleman’s version.

  1. Wedding day whites

Smiling on your wedding day is par for the course. You’ll be showing off your pearly whites all day long. Here are some tips to make sure you dazzle in the all-important wedding pics.

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  • Avoid red wine, black tea, and coffee – they stain your teeth
  • Regularly change your toothbrush, and try an electric toothbrush
  • Use a dentist-approved whitening toothpaste
  • Get regular dental checks
  • Ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening
  • See a dental hygienist
  • Resist sugary snacks and crunch away on raw veggies instead
  1. Subtle signature scent

There’s nothing worse than overpowering cologne, just as there’s nothing worse than cheap scent. Do your homework on this one. Maybe you and your partner have already worked out a favorite. Whatever you decide, it’s not meant to be loud. A subtle whiff as you wander by is enough to turn heads.

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