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Fashion designing career options

Fashion designs
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Fashion designing career options

In today’s world, you can find yourself surrounded by fashion in your daily life. From top models posing for international brands on billboards, mannequins wearing the latest trends staring at you in a mall, or pamphlets of a new boutique in your neighborhood in the newspaper, the fashion designing industry makes it there job to inundate you with images of their products.

Fashion designs
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Even if you do not encounter some of the scenarios above, you cannot escape their marketing across all mediums. Like interviews of top models on T.V. or advertisements of famous apparel brands. The fashion industry is one the fastest growing in the world and supports a many other industries like the garments industry.

If you have a creative flair, are good at creating new designs, love experimenting with colors, you too can be a part of this multi-million dollar industry. A great way to begin your career is to pursue a course in fashion design. The domain of fashion designing is very broad and has many streams like textile and footwear designing. With so many options to choose from, you are afforded the opportunity to choose a course according to your interests. If you are eager to start your fashion career and are looking for course options, this blog is the start of your research. I will provides insights into the responsibilities of a fashion designer and different courses catering to different areas within this industry to help you find your niche.

What would you do as a fashion designer?

Being a fashion designer would involve you to design and remodel new clothes or patterned fabrics from different cloths and textiles. You will also need to have an in-depth knowledge of what would look good on a customer, different body-types, and colors or patterns that would complement them.

As a fashion designer, you can choose to specialize in designing apparel, footwear, fabrics, or accessories. Most designers operate by sketching a design on paper and assembling the final product based on the sketch.

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Which courses can help you join the fashion designing industry?

There are multiple courses out there that can secure you a foothold in the design industry. Here is a list of different fashion degree programs you can pursue.

  • Bachelor of Design (B. Des) courses: This is a bachelor’s degree that gives you an overview of all branches of designing, including fashion. This course can be a great option if you haven’t finalized a major yet and want to create your own niche by combining two branches.
  • B.A. fashion designing courses: This undergraduate degree specializes in all aspects of fashion designing like fabrics, sewing, textiles, patterns, and fashion management. You can explore a B.A. fashion design course to determine which aspect of fashion designing is suitable for you.
  • B.Sc. textile designing courses: This bachelor’s degree is perfect for you if you are interested to know how different types of fabrics are created. This course also prepares you for a career in accessory domains like interior designing and textile production.
  • B.Sc. accessory designing courses: If you are intrigued by beautiful jewellery or elegant accessories, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in accessory designing. With the prices of precious metals and stones soaring and major companies starting their own jewellery brands, these courses can prepare you for a financially rewarding career in the industry.

You may find fashion designing to be an interesting hobby or side-hustle, but it may take a lot of time to establish a full-time career in this field. Regardless of the fashion designing branch you choose, you should remember to remain patient, enthusiastic, and persistent for setting up a successful fashion career.  Remember there is always room for the best.