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Dress Smart: Top 10 Footwear Every Man Should Own

Dress Smart: Top 10 Footwear Every Man Should Own
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Nothing kills a person’s outfit more than the wrong pair of footwear. Every clothing and occasion calls for a specific shoe’s design and color. If you pair your outfit with the wrong one, it can throw off your entire fit, which can also diminish your self-confidence. 

With numerous footwear options on the market, it’s hard to pinpoint what shoes a person should own. It can be challenging to choose one if you don’t know what these shoes would be a perfect match for. Luckily, this page discusses the top 10 footwear that every man should have in their wardrobe.  

1. Penny Loafers

You may have heard of a loafer and a penny loafer and thought that they might be the same. Well, there’s a difference: a penny loafer has a small pocket in the footwear due to the shape cut out on top of it. 

Also, when compared to other dress shoes, penny loafers are more comfortable to use. The footwear may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shoe shopping, although owning a pair of penny loafers can spice up your summer style. Finally, avoid wearing dark colors like black with this footwear. Instead, opt for cream or blue suits or other light-colored clothing. 

2. Ugg Boots 

These boots are usually worn in colder seasons since they can keep your feet warm while ensuring that you look fabulous. You won’t have to endure the cold, piercing pain in your feet anymore with a pair of ugg boots. 

It’s famous for every age, especially for teenagers. It’s truly a fashion statement for every gender, including men! In fact, it’s a unisex boot; manufacturers like Ugg Express ensure that both women and men can wear these boots. Get your pair of men’s ugg boots from this company! You’ll eventually find a pair to your liking since it has numerous designs available.  

3. Chukka Boots 

Chukka boots are another must-own footwear because of their iconic design. Its features include a rounded toe and two or three eyelets. Also, a single piece of leather is used that creates a two-part style. It results in a folding-over effect. 

4. Boat Shoes

During the 1930s, Paul Sperry decided to create the most famous American footwear: the boat shoes (also known as the Sperry Top-Sider). It has a moccasin-like design, that’s why it’s a versatile shoe to wear during summer. Additionally, once you wear it, it will gradually conform to your feet and become comfortable to use. 

During the summer season, this footwear is a great shoe to wear, and it’s hot during this season; that’s why shorts are a perfect bottom to go with boat shoes. Also, avoid wearing socks with these pairs to avoid looking strange. 

5. Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are a staple in every child and teenagers’ wardrobe. When visiting places that young adults usually frequent, you can observe that almost everyone wears a pair of tennis shoes. Classic tennis shoes with a suede upper or leather would be a perfect addition to most outfits. 

tennis shoes
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6. Espadrilles

Along with boat shoes, espadrilles are also commonly worn during dry and warm seasons. It’s a popular option during summertime due to the comfort the user will experience when wearing footwear. It can also stretch and adapt to the form of your foot. 

When you’re pairing clothes, consider avoiding patterned garments and opt for straight colors instead. When you pair espadrilles with these kinds of colors, it will allow your outfit to fit more nicely. 

7. Whole-Cut Oxfords

This dress shoe is the footwear that a man should have by the age of 30. It has a simple yet elegant leather design without a back-seam. Its understated, sleek design is one of the main reasons for its increasing popularity. Also, the leather used for the footwear must have a high quality. Thus, only high-end manufacturers produce whole-cut oxfords. 

8. Double-Monk Strap Footwear

Like its name, it has a noticeable double strap, resulting in a balanced look for the shoes. Owning a pair of double monk strap shoes can set you apart from other people because of its enticing modern design.   

9. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots were initially termed “paddock boots”; then, in the 1950s, the name changed to Chelsea boots and became famous footwear in the United Kingdom. Since then, it has become a staple in every men’s wardrobe because of its versatile design and timeless shape. Plus, it’s pretty easy to match with numerous styles; you can never go wrong with a pair of Chelsea boots. 

Its significant features are what make the footwear unique. It has a high ankle length with a low feel and rounded toe; what separates Chelsea boots from other footwear is its elastic side strip without any lace. Finally, it would be best to stick with a leather style since it complements everything, e.g., jeans or trousers. 

10. Athletic Sneakers

Sneakers are the definition of comfort. It’s the perfect shoewear to use when wearing a pair of jogging pants and hoodies. You can use it everywhere: while exercising, taking a walk, or just simply getting groceries. 


With numerous shoe options, you may find some of the shoes that you’ll fall in love with. Also, be sure that you research the right colors that should go with the footwear to maximize the footwear’s charm fully.  

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