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Discover Human Hair Wigs that Women are Raving About

Discover Human Hair Wigs that Women are Raving About
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Women choose to wear wigs for different reasons. Those who have damaged hair from coloring and processing will wear a wig to give their natural hair a break. Wigs are beneficial for women who suffer hair loss from different diseases such as Alopecia, cancer treatments, etc. Some women like to have wig styled for special events. If there is no time to go to a hair salon for a fancy hairstyle, the wig has already been styled and ready to go. 

There are two types of wigs – human hair and synthetic. Human hair wigs are the most natural-looking. Often people will not realize you are wearing a wig. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and come in an array of many colors.

This article will discuss both types of wigs – human hair and synthetic wigs.

Human Hair

Lace Wig

There isn’t much variation, but a significant extra expense is incurred by top-quality hair-collectors who manage to collect hair in a proper and controlled manner. The top wig-makers go to hairdressers and treat the hair by themselves, with no middlemen. They don’t buy hair from wholesalers since wholesalers mix hair since it takes so long to get great hair.

It is as easy as finding an individual among the clients of a hairdresser who is beautiful and healthy hair and wants to cut it. The hairdresser could offer the service for free and then pay the lady for her hair. Both sides gain from this transaction. This shows that the purchase of top-quality hair is not a mass-scale automated procedure because of its nature. This is why out of Eastern Europe, the price of getting a high-quality t part lace wig is soaring, not because hair itself is costly, but due to its scarceness. It’s hard to imagine a massive, cheap procedure for acquiring top-quality hair for humans in European countries.


Then, you can take the other materials that are used in the making of the wigs. They aren’t expensive, and their cost does not exceed 50 USD for a classic hairstyle. These are the components that are used to make caps. Many wig-makers are buying caps that come pre-made, also known as “monofilament,” that is getting more popular, and their price is not excessive.

Thirdly, consider the work that goes into making top-quality hand-made wigs. This is the primary cost aspect. A wig made by hand requires a minimum of a week to be made by an experienced professional. It is a week’s effort in which each hair is made into a cap using tiny crochet needles or glued with a particular glue. For lengthy hair, manufacturing duration could range from two to three weeks. The most reliable wig makers knit inch using a double knot, making the wig more durable but requires a bit of extra time. Based on the kind of wig, the length of hair, and cap type, the price of labor ranges between 150-300 USD.

Cost of production

In addition, it is essential to consider the usual business expenses such as amortization of investments, management costs, taxes, and insurances, rent, and profits. The price of a hand-made human hair wig made of European hair is not less than even for the hair with the least volume. Of course, there is no limit on the price, and it’s all about what a client is willing to spend. However, before you spend 1,000 USD or more on your wig, keep in mind the actual costs involved in its making.

Now for a profound mystery. That is why European human hair wigs are manufactured in China, where labor costs are considerably lower than the cost of production in Poland, Russia, or the Czech Republic. The most important reason is the lack of high-quality European human hair in sufficient quantities to make profitable mass production in China feasible. This is because wig-makers from Eastern European countries buy all the hair they can get to make their wigs. Surprised? But that’s the way it works. This is why most of the wigs manufactured in China are composed of Asian hair or blended hair, which is widely sold on wholesale markets.

Short hair wigs
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Benefits of Synthetic Wigs

Many people are confused about between real wigs or artificial ones. Naturally, the majority of people want their wigs to appear like natural hair. The good thing is that the synthetic fibers used to make hair wigs today appear more natural than they did in previous times. Here are some benefits of choosing synthetic wigs over natural ones.

  1. The latest technological advancements allow us to create wigs that are highly similar in appearance and feel to natural hair.
  2. Synthetic wigs are much cheaper than natural ones. They are easier to find and are available in most current designs. There are wigs available in nearly every color you like.
  3. They are much simpler to keep. They will not fade, even exposed to direct the sun for an extended period. In addition, washing them in cold water does not alter their appearance.
  4. They are smaller in size, creating more pleasant wear. If you plan to be out for a long time and you don’t want an unwieldy wig on your head for a long time, would you?

Featured Photo by Thom Bradley from Burst