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Choosing the Best Dress Shirts for Skinny Guys

Dress Shirts for Skinny Guys
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Choosing the Best Dress Shirts for Skinny Guys

Most men pay a lot of attention to their professional attire because it helps them set a positive impression at their workplace. You need to choose dress shirts that suit your body type. The tricky part is to select dress shirts for skinny guys.

If you have a slim physique, then you have to ensure the fact that you avoid V-neck. What you should prefer is crew necks because they give the appearance of squared shoulders. Plus, they tend to complement a narrow frame.

A slim man should go for a slim fitting for his dress shirt. The reason is that slim-fitting helps to achieve a clean silhouette. A skinny guy should make it a point to avoid baggier shirts by all means because they make the frame look smaller.

It is vital to choose the appropriate brand, also when it comes to the clothing of a skinny man.

Dress Shirts for Skinny Guys
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The best clothing brand for skinny men


When you are looking for quality dress shirts, then the first name that comes to your mind is Nimble. For finding information about this brand, search the internet with the keyword modern dress shirts from Nimble Made.

The best aspect of the Nimble shirts is that they look tailor-made. They fit skinny men with perfection. You will find a wide variety of colors in this brand. You can get hold of beautiful shades of pink and blue.

The solid white colored dress shirts will also complement the personality of a skinny guy. Nimble lives by the rule that proportion is the key to a perfect fitting. The shirt and the sleeve lengths go well with a slim physique.

The dress shirts offered by Nimble have a trimmed shirt to give a sophisticated look to a slim physique. The brand makes it a point to choose the best fabric to come up with the best dress shirt. These shirts add up to the style and add to the customer comfort also. Make sure you go for them, and you will not have any regrets.

Kenneth Cole

When you are looking for a great dress shirt for your skinny physique, then you make also consider Kenneth Cole dress shirts. You will find spread collar shirts for your slim physique here.  Their button-front shirts look graceful.

The best part is that these shirts make use of easy to care fabric.


You should not miss out on the slim fit shirts offered by Uniqlo. You will find wonderful shades of white and blue colored shirts here. Their button-down shirts have been able to win immense applaud from the buyers.

Now, they have made the life of a skinny guy easy. Uniqlo has a custom ordering page. You can visit the page and mention the color of the shirt you want. It is also essential to mention the size and fitting measurements so that the shirt lives up to your expectations.

Now, it will not be a tedious task for you to select a dress shirt for your slim physique, so select the best brand.