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Aussie’s Guide to Thomas Cook Apparel: Rugged Twist on the Classic Country Style

Aussie's Guide to Thomas Cook Apparel: Rugged Twist on the Classic Country Style
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If there were two words to describe the modern country style, these would be interesting and unique. Country style clothing has changed significantly over time from its original focus on functionality. These items can now be seen on the streets in the shape of distinctive casual clothing. 

The country style has also become a presence in mainstream fashion, with plenty of brands launching their country-based clothing lines year after year – each attempting to outdo the other in terms of western details. The Thomas Cook apparel company is one such pioneer, having made its mark in the country-inspired fashion industry in recent years.

Tomas Cook – The Iconic Aussie Brand 

What was formerly a company that produced premium country boots has now come to be associated with the Australian outback. One of the most recognizable Western companies with an Australian origin is Thomas Cook, renowned for providing the ideal balance of usefulness, simplicity, and comfort. To make magnificent items that are hard to ignore, the brand has managed to keep true to its western roots by fusing some old pieces with modern changes.

From cozy undergarments to durable, fashionable jackets that keep you warm on the chilliest days, the range of Thomas Cook apparel offers a comprehensive selection of contemporary country style clothing. Despite how it may appear, the majority of their selection is made from pure cotton or cotton blends. You can wear these incredibly comfy clothes every day, which will last you for years. 

If you’ve been wondering how to rock the country style, you’ll need the following Tomas Cook clothing items.

Start With Jeans

Although wearing jeans won’t necessarily make you look more Western, you hardly ever see someone from the countryside without them. Even formal pants are rarely worn with most western outfits in favor of fashionable jeans. 

Starting with a great pair of jeans is more crucial than any item, including gaudy hats and cowboy boots. Half the fight is finding a good western cut, like a pair of boot-cut jeans by Tomas Cook. 

A nice pair of TC jeans will serve as the canvas for your western artwork. To get a country-casual look, layer your jeans with a basic white T-shirt and cowboy belt.  

The best thing about jeans is their versatility; with a nice flannel shirt, you can wear your favorite pair on nights out or on a date. And don’t limit yourself to a single color. A pair of black jeans would look just as good even if blue jeans are the traditional cowboy color.

Choose a Nice Top

The Thomas Cook apparel collection has a wide selection of tops you can wear with your jeans. Some would suggest that your next step in developing a western appearance is to get a western shirt. It is not always necessary, though. The majority of the most well-known country wearers don’t always wear western shirts. 

You may instead choose a simple flannel, a T-shirt, or a combination of the two. This less formal appearance more accurately depicts how modern country inhabitants dress. You want to appear to be someone who naturally adheres to the western style rather than someone dressed in a costume. 

A polo shirt is an option if you don’t want to wear a simple T-shirt. Polo shirts have always been connected with the upper level of society, which is why they seem more sophisticated and opulent than any other articles of western clothing. 

When browsing Thomas Cook clothing online, you’ll discover a large selection of polo shirts. Some have basic designs, while others have more vibrant colors and patterns. In any case, both designs include collars, which provide a sense of refinement and elegance to an otherwise tough look. 

Get a Cool Belt

A fine western belt is perhaps the best accessory you can use with your jeans to make your look seem authentically western. Add a western belt to a tucked plain T-shirt into jeans to dress up your western attire without looking pretentious. You may also use the belt with a nice attire to blend in at a formal function. 

cool belt
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There are various types of western belts available. You can wear a belt with an ornate western pattern or a simple leather belt accentuating your toughness. You can also purchase a western belt buckle to slide over any regular belt.

Seal the Look With Statement Boots

Traditional cowboy boots have high shafts that go halfway up the leg, round, pointed toes, and stacked heels. It’s practically impossible to remain anonymous when wearing these boots. However, if you’re going for a more laid-back look, pick a pair of dusty brown cowboy boots with a higher heel and no pointed toe. Brown cowboy boots go well with denim and look much better after being scratched.

Boots by Thomas Cook are renowned for their craftsmanship and durability. The fabrics are durable and breathable, which are both admirable traits. As a result, your feet won’t get damp after wearing the boots for a while, and the boots’ exterior will last longer. Additionally, Thomas Cook boots are timeless in design, allowing you to use them for many years to come.

Invest in a Jacket

A warm, useful, yet fashionable jacket is essential to every western style wardrobe. Read a country style jacket buying guide and discover that leather and denim jackets are the most popular choices. You can select either traditional or contemporary pieces depending on your style and preferences. Pick a jacket with a cut that sits slightly above the waist for a contemporary appearance.

Go the Extra Mile With a Hat

One of the most well-known items of cowboy clothing is the cowboy hat, but how does it relate to contemporary style? The truth is that by today’s standards, a cowboy hat is a little pricey. Except for baseball caps worn as streetwear, most people wear hats in our culture to shield their heads from the weather. It’s preferable to wear a cowboy hat to a formal function if you’re going to do so.

Classic Country Style Hat
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However, this does not prohibit you from wearing anything on your head to enhance your western look. Cattle rancher hats are just as country as cowboy hats – and far more real in the twenty-first century. You’ll find these hats on genuine cattle ranchers; they blend style with a rustic functional appeal.

To Sum Up 

As you can see, dressing completely in western garb is no longer trendy. Instead, mixing and matching various clothing types and styles in modern fashion is recommended. Actually, you may just give your look a little Old West flair by incorporating cowboy boots or a flannel shirt into your everyday attire. In any case, every “cowboy” component by Tomas Cook will give your outfit authenticity and help you stand out from the crowd. 

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