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A Guide to Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

A guide to find the perfect diamond engagement ring
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It can sometimes be confusing when you have set out on an expedition for the hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring. With the availability of different kinds of engagement rings in the market, the problem of making up the mind to venture into finding the right one can be slightly overwhelming. The big day which comes only once in a lifetime, has to be nothing but the best. But, here we are to provide you with some key essential tips which can guide you for purchasing the right engagement ring which is suitable only and only for you.

The bond of togetherness and commitment for life is symbolized through the token of engagement ring. Diamonds that indicate the transparent everlasting love shared between the two individuals make the perfect choice as an engagement ring. Embarking on the journey of togetherness from henceforth with the right engagement ring is the preliminary step for a happy, healthy, and content marital life. So, as a result of this, we would like to take up your burden of finding the perfect engagement ring and help you with our expert guidance.

The Golden 4C Rule

Before you begin venturing into different diamond stores or websites in the quest of finding the adequate quintessential engagement ring, it is important to know and have a fair understanding of the Golden 4C Rule. The prominence of 4C lays the basic foundation of any diamond. For those who are keen on deepening their understanding of the 4C’s and want to make an educated choice, Teach Jewelry offers an extensive educational platform. Their site is a treasure trove of information, providing detailed insights into each aspect of the 4C’s, making it easier for buyers to comprehend what makes each diamond unique and how it affects the overall beauty and value of an engagement ring.

The 4Cs stands for Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. Depending upon these four attributes, the grade of the diamond can be determined. To find the best quality diamond for your engagement ring, you need to know how each of these attributes contributes to the grading of the diamond. Each element has its unique contribution, which plays a significant dominant role while determining the best quality.


When we say cut, we indicate the design in which the diamond has been altered. The prominent and sharp cuts are on the diamond, the better is going to the shine of the diamond. Sharp-edged cuts will help to bring out the sparkling nature of the diamond. Therefore, the better the cut, is higher is going to be the grade of the diamond.


The clarity of the diamond plays a very significant role in determining the purity of the diamond. This is also a determining factor that indicates the price of the diamond. There is a wide range of diamonds that are available in the market. Black diamond engagement rings will have clarity that will be comparatively lesser than that of the transparent white diamonds. Black diamonds have inclusions of hematite, granite, etc. which contribute to the eccentric black color of the diamond. However, a transparent diamond scales higher on clarity because of the absence of inclusions. The better is the clarity of the diamond, the more transparent the diamond is going to be. Clarity indicates the transparency of the diamond. Therefore, diamonds which are of high clarity will be more expensive.


The size of the diamond is determined by the carat. The carat is the indicative factor for the weight of the diamond. Higher is the carat per unit of diamond and a higher price of the diamond. On average, an engagement ring comprises one carat of diamond. However, there are examples of Hollywood celebrities who have shared their expensive taste and adorn themselves with more than 20 carats of diamond rings. The price of the diamond ring will invariably vary with the diamond carat.


Diamonds are available in a huge spectrum of colors. The color grade of the diamond varies between D grade, which indicates no color, and the complete transparent ones making them the most expensive ones to the Z grade, which have a yellowish tinge to it. The saturation level of color indicates the quality of the diamond. Colored diamonds such as red, pink, blue, yellow, and even black diamonds have grades that are lower than transparent diamonds.

Types of Diamond Ring

After you have a clear idea about the golden 4Cs, it is then very important to understand the shape of the diamond for your engagement ring.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

The most elegant looking and yet very simplistic engagement ring, a classic solitaire engagement ring will an alluring piece of diamond situated at the center with plain or accentuated diamonds embedded about the sides of the band looks spectacular. Solitaire diamond ring with a white gold or platinum band looks absolutely flawless.

Halo Engagement Ring

In a halo engagement ring setting, a central piece of diamond is placed within a small frame. It is then associated with smaller beads of diamonds along the edges of the big centrally placed diamond. This helps to bring out dazzling, sparkling elements of the diamond. Sometimes, to make the ring look even more endorsing, two halo frame settings are used. Halo setups make the diamond appear larger.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Having a very distinctive setup, a three-stone engagement ring gained high frames of popularity after Meghan Markle chose this kind of setting for her engagement ring. In this kind of setup, as suggested by the name itself, there will be the presence of a large diamond in the middle, which is associated with two smaller diamonds located on either side of the bigger diamond.

Cluster Engagement Ring

Setting itself at par with the rest, a cluster engagement ring is very different and unique. In such an engagement ring, there will be a cluster of small diamonds which are placed together tightly such that it gives the appearance of one big diamond. All the diamonds in this setup are of equal size and give an explicit look to the ring.

Bezel Engagement Ring

A very popular modern innovative style engagement ring is the bezel engagement ring set up. A circular frame in the middle where the diamond is shaped circularly is mounted in that particular frame.

Vintage Engagement Ring

As the name suggests, such kinds of rings have a sentimental and traditional value attached to them. If you are looking for an antique-designed vintage-styled engagement ring, then there are many rings from the Edwardian Era to the Victorian Era. The use of floral or mil-grained designs, giving a very simplistic yet sophisticated look to the ring with the central diamond piece, makes a spell-bounding engagement ring.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black Diamonds
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If you are willing to bring about an evolution in the traditional thought process of a classic transparent diamond engagement ring, it is then your turn to make a bold step. Due to inclusions in black diamonds, the price of such engagement rings will be lower. Black diamonds have been growing in popularity since the late 20th century. The demand for rich black diamonds comes immediately after the transparent diamonds. The paradigm shift from the age-old traditional transparent diamonds to the utilization of black diamonds as engagement rings has now resulted in the paradigm shift. 

Make your engagement ring absolutely divine with a centerpiece of captivating black diamond encircled by small accentuated transparent diamonds coupled with subtle platinum or white gold band. Nothing can be a better match than the contrasting black and white diamonds used in an engagement ring. So this wedding season, bring about evolution to your fashion statement by adorning a gorgeous jewelry from here


It is your special day, and therefore, the final call for choosing the right engagement ring will be completely yours. There are several websites from where you can purchase your engagement ring. However, it is very important to understand where they are acquiring their diamond. Before venturing yourself into an expensive purchase, fix the budget properly.  

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