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6 Ways to Style Your Linen Shirt This Summer

6 Ways to Style Your Linen Shirt This Summer
Photo by Zoe on Unsplash

A linen shirt is perfect for summer days. It carries a relaxed and carefree feel, yet it is elegant and sophisticated too. Perfect for any occasion and any time of the day, it never manages to be too casual or smart. Unlike many shirts, linen shirts even crease with style, adding to their natural charm.

Linen has been a go-to fabric as far back as ancient Egypt, possibly even further. Its cool, light, and porous feel now makes it popular in the Mediterranean, but it is perfect for hot days in the sun wherever you are. 

Getting the styling right for your linen shirt is very important. Below is a quick guide to some of the options there are available. 

Linen shirt with shorts

This is a classic combination that has been tried and tested time and again. This look works best with fitted shorts cut just above the knee, giving the outfit a sharper and more sophisticated look while also allowing it to keep its overall casual feel. The best fit for linen shirts for men is loose but not baggy; it gives the garment a smart but carefree feeling. 

Linen shirt with jeans

Jeans are very universal. As such, they go brilliantly with the airy yet smart feel of the linen shirt. Smart jeans work best in this combination, and a skinny or slim-fit pair is ideal. Roll up your sleeves for an extra dash of style. 

Linen shirt with a jacket

Linen shirts are highly versatile and can go with almost any jacket. Just ensure the shirt isn’t hanging below the jacket, and you can’t go far wrong. 

Linen shirt with chinos

When you combine chinos with a linen shirt, the overall look is the epitome of smart casual. It’s the perfect summer look and incredibly easy to achieve. Lighter chino colors work best with linen shirts, as they add to that ‘hot weather’ feel. Khaki, cream, sand, or pastel colors are perfect. Rolling your shirt sleeves up can add an extra inch of style too. 

Linen shirt with trousers

Linen shirts can take on a whole new look when combined with a smart pair of tailored trousers. Here, the linen shirt shows its versatility, cruising effortlessly from casual to stylish in an instant. 

Keeping the sleeves down and the shirt tucked in makes the linen shirt suitable for work and more formal gatherings. Color contrasts are key here, so ensure your light linen shirt is paired with a dark pair of trousers or vice versa.

Linen shirt with a suit

Keep the shirt or the suit in a subtle color – not both! For example, a navy suit with a white linen shirt would work perfectly. Make sure you tuck in the shirt and keep to a slim fit, and this look can be excellent for any office or professional event. 

Linen shirts are just one of many types of shirts for men available. However, they are definitely one of the most versatile! With these six tips, you are sure to be able to style your linen shirt in a way that keeps you looking fresh and feeling cool this summer. 

Featured Photo by Zoe on Unsplash