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5 Tips on Looking Stylish When Wearing a Mask

5 Tips on Looking Stylish When Wearing a Mask
Image by Tumisu on Pixabay

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, most cities have mandated mask-wearing. Because of these rules, you have worn a mask in public every day for months. While you are happy to do what you can to help prevent the spread of the virus, you also still want to look as good as you can when you are out and about. Here is some great news for a fashion-forward guy like yourself: you can still be stylish when wearing a face mask. Here’s how.

Up Your Hair Game

If you don’t always like the way the mask covers most of your face, simply spend some extra time on your hair, so it is more noticeable. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a barbershop, style your long locks so that people notice your amazing mane first and not the mask.

Add Matching Accessories

Another great way to make mask-wearing more stylish is to find accessories that match the face mask’s color, pattern, and/or fabric. As fashion brand Nathon Kong notes, this could include a pocket square or tie that features the same design, or perhaps a scarf or hat. For instance, a herringbone-patterned mask combined with a similarly patterned accessory will give a more polished look.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Black

Black covid mask
Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

As Man2Man notes, a black face mask goes with everything. This neutral color will complement jeans and t-shirt day and pretty much any type of workplace attire. And since it’s a timeless color, you don’t have to worry if a black mask will coordinate with your outfit; it will look great no matter what. For instance, black KN95 face masks from Green Supply are ideal as they are comfortable to wear and offer five layers of protection.

Make the Mask the Star

Another option for stylish face mask-wearing is to make the mask the centerpiece of your outfit. For example, choose clothing that is neutral and pattern-free, and then wear a mask with a bold print so it will stand out. If your hair has gotten long and you are comfortable pulling it back into a ponytail, this will help draw more attention to your colorful and vibrant face mask. If you’d prefer to wear clothes in tones other than black, grey or navy, you can always choose a mask in a contrasting color. For instance, pair a blue t-shirt with a vivid yellow mask or a red plaid mask with a green striped shirt.

Keep Your Facial Hair Groomed

Mask with facial hair
Photo by Alecsander Alves on Unsplash

You might think it doesn’t matter what your face looks like since it’s mostly covered with a mask, but this is not the case. People will still see your forehead, eyes, and neck, so you want to keep your skin clean and looking as great as possible. Also, if you have facial hair, trim up your beard or goatee so the mask will fit well against your face.

Embrace the Mask

It is possible to be your stylish self while wearing a face mask. By focusing attention on your hair, wearing a black mask that doesn’t stand out, or a brightly colored mask that calls attention to your great face, you can look great while doing your part to be healthy and safe.

Featured Image by Tumisu on Pixabay