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5 Off-Beat Women’s Kurti Designs for All You Fusion Lovers

5 Off-Beat Women's Kurti Designs for All You Fusion Lovers
Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

It’s the era of mix & match, be it for food or for clothes. The assimilation of two different concepts, as a combined whole, produces out-of-the-box ideas that later become fashion as we know it today. A similar phenomenon has taken place for women’s kurti designs.

Kurtis is the OG choice of clothing for women for daily wear, as well as ramping it up for a specific occasion. The flexibility of using a kurti for multiple purposes makes it the most celebrated outfit for everyone alike. Ditching the conventional ways of wearing a simple Kurti, we’ve come up with a curated selection of off-beat new women kurti designs that will totally blow your mind. So, gear up, fusion lovers, you’re in for a treat!

Women’s Kurti designs come in many styles, but it’s the styling or pairing up that makes a difference. For your day-to-day meetings, you need a major upgrade to a professionalkurti design so that you can slay your Work From Home looks, so check out these fusion kurti designs for your eyes only!

1. Dress Up

When the world came short of LBD’s, people sought comfort in colorful Kurtis as dresses. Little did we know it will become a trend! Using A-line Kurtis as short dresses with the perfect pair of hoop earrings is the kind of boho vibe the youth today go for. It transcends to an indo-western women’s kurti design concept that looks equally beautiful.

2. Like A Jean-ie

Just like how a genie works his magic, jeans can transform the overall appeal of the women’s kurti design.Be it ripped jeans or wide-leg jeans, Kurtis looks fabulous when paired with this western-inspired look.

3. Palazzo Fantastico

Bring out the inner diva in you with palazzo pants that really amplify a simple kurti look. These printed, mesh style wide-leg pants, a palazzo, takes your basic fashion kurti designsto another level of awesomeness. Oxidized jewelry paired with this off-beat style is a total winner, so get ready to become the center of attention wherever you go.

4. A Skirt Affair

Combining your long printed Kurtis with plain skirts or plain Kurtis with printed skirts is a great way to practice minimalism, and it looks very attractive. Whether you are going for an event or just going about your regular day, this off-beat women’s kurti design style makes you look stunning with minimum effort. All you got to do is buy a long flair skirt that matches the print, design, fabric, or pattern of the kurti and get ready to make heads turn. 

Kurti with pants
Image by pxfuel.com

5. Pants That Enchant

A set of enchanting pants is what you need to stand out from the crowd. Kurtis go well with pants as they provide symmetry and add a fresh, new look to the outfit. Shimmer pants that add a pop of shine and color are the best off-beat choice to enhance women’s kurti design.Opting for this particular style is a guaranteed way to achieving the perfect look.

As they say, why fit in when you were born to stand out, right? With these off-beat women’s kurti designs,you don’t need any more style assistance. One last, rather off-beat, thing to remember is to choose the high-standard online shopping platforms like Snapdeal that offer the best discounts on branded items so that you make the most of what you desire. Browse from a wide range of kurtis and get your hands on Brand Waali Quality, Bazaar Waali Deal! 

Featured Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash