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10 Items You No Longer Need in Your Closet

10 Items You No Longer Need in Your Closet
Photo by Jamesthethomas5 on Unsplash

You are a man — a fully adult man — and regardless of your responsibilities at work or home, you no longer need to dress like a teen boy. To ensure your wardrobe is sufficiently mature, you should go through your closet and throw away (or hand down) any of the following items you are likely to find:

Shirts With Huge Logos

At some point in fashion history, brands convinced consumers to spend their hard-earned money on clothing covered in huge brand logos, transforming their customers into free and powerful marketing. You don’t need to be a walking, talking billboard for a clothing brand. You should strip out all your shirts dominated by logos and replace them with simpler, sleeker alternatives.

Shirts With Slogans

You don’t need your shirt to explain your personality to passers-by; you should want those around you to engage with you, to get to know you before they are allowed to make any judgments about who you are and what you stand for. Unfortunately, slogans encourage this snap judgment from strangers, so you should do away with clothing items covered in slogans ASAP.

Side-cut Tank Tops

Even if you work hard in the gym to build muscle definition that can cut glass, you don’t need to put your gains on display every day. Side-cut tank tops are fine for yard work and other manual labor around your home, but because you should never reach for these shirts when assembling an outfit for being in public, you can keep these clothing items to a minimum in your closet.

Baggy Cargo Shorts

There are plenty of styles of cargo shorts that serve an appropriate function in allowing you to carry more items on your person than typical pants. However, the excessively bulky and baggy pockets on old-fashioned cargo shorts do nothing to flatter your body shape. Ditch the slouchy and puffy cargo shorts in favor of a more streamlined cargo short look.

Deep V-neck Tops

Deep Vs were all the rage at the beginning of hipster culture, but the time of hipster supremacy is long past. If you continue to identify with that section of subculture, you probably still have a pair of suspenders and plenty of flannel shirts — but you probably haven’t touched your deep Vs in over a decade. It is time to eliminate them and make more space in your closet for clothing that accurately reflects your current lifestyle and beliefs.

Skinny Jeans

Hipsters and emos alike donned excessively tight skinny jeans at the end of the ‘00s and the beginning of the ‘10s. Skinny jeans for men are unlikely to come back in style for your age group any time soon, and anyway, you probably won’t be comfortable showing quite as much leg through your pants as you age. You can get rid of these old bottoms and replace them with jeans with a straight leg or boot cut.

Bling Jeans

In men’s fashion, bottoms are not usually supposed to be the feature of the outfit, so if you have jeans that are bedazzled in some way, you can confidently get rid of them. Unless you are part of a subculture obsessed with overt displays of wealth, your jeans are best left plain and unadorned.

Square-toe Shoes

There is no excuse for owning square-toe shoes in the 2020s. There is certainly no excuse for wearing them. It has been decades since square-toe shoes were appropriate in public, so you should get rid of that footwear, stat, and replace it with round- or pointed-toe variety shoes.


Grown men should only be wearing sandals when immediately coming or going to the pool or beach. If you have not been swimming in several years, you do not need sandals in your closet. Instead, as an adult man, you can wear slip-on shoes like espadrilles, woven loafers, or boat shoes, all of which are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Skinny Ties

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

In direct contrast to the wide, squat ties popular in the 1990s, the skinny tie emerged as a sleek alternative for young, fashionable people. Yet, skinny ties look disproportionately slender as suit styles expand in the 2020s. If you hate replacing your ties, you should invest in traditional ties, which are about 3.5 inches wide, but if you like to follow trends, thick ties are back in.

Men can dress however they want — just as women can. However, if you want to look put-together like a gentleman, you probably want to rid your closet of these items which are way out of style.

Featured Photo by Jamesthethomas5 on Unsplash