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How to Win on Dating Websites

Let’s face it, go back a few years and if you used a dating website and your mates found out, you would be the laughing stock.  But now, things have changed dramatically and some one in three couples find love through an online portal.  Social media plays an immense part in our lives and it isn’t a big step to go from updating your Facebook profile to using a dating website.  But what tips can help you win on these sites and stand out from the ‘competition’?

Finding the right site


The first thing to do is understand the world of dating websites and what is the right kind for you.  It’s a bit like if you want to share lots of photos, you use Instagram, if you like things short and sweet you frequent Twitter and if you want a constant stream of everything the world has to offer then you hit Facebook.

Dating websites come in all shapes, sizes and flavours and if you don’t get the right one, you can be wasting your time.  Take Badults for example – this is the perfect place if you want to meet women, have fun and new adventures.  And while there’s nothing to say that a relationship from the site won’t turn into something long-lasting, this isn’t the aim of most of the people using it.

Other websites are more hearts and flowers, love at first site and all of that.  So if you are looking for the love of your life, then these sites might be ideal.  Then there are the ones in the middle such as Blendr where you can use your Facebook profile and view people who are near where you live.

The profile


The other most important part of online dating is the profile that you create on the website.  Some people use their Facebook profile but this can be a bit random – it’s often best to opt to make a fresh profile specifically for dating websites.

When you are composing your profile, think about what you enjoy doing, your hobbies and interests then focus on the sociable ones.  Ladies aren’t likely to be drawn to a fanatical online gamer unless they are one themselves as there’s a hint you will be on the computer more than you are with her.  But enjoying hiking or bike riding, trying new restaurants or going on wine tasting sessions are all sociable hobbies – as long as you actually do enjoy these things!

Balancing can be hard when creating a profile but remember to be honest without being negative.  Look at yourself from a lady’s point of view and highlight the good points that you honestly have.  The same comes to the pictures you add – go with a big honest smile and don’t Photoshop out any faults.  Make sure the pictures are recent, within the last twelve months, and that you are the sole focus of rather than your dog, cat or best friend.

Once you have the ideal profile, make sure you update it regularly.  Add in new things you have tried or discoveries you have made but keep it relatively short.  Leave some surprises for when you actually meet the lady or you might have nothing to talk about.

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