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How to Optimize Your Dating Profile: An Infographic


If you’re not having much luck finding love online, it could have something to do with what your profile says about you. Research shows that something as simple as the words you use could affect how much interest people have in your profile. Of course, your photo also influences interest in your profile. No matter what you look like, though, you could still make some easy improvements that will boost your popularity.

When it comes to describing yourself, consider highlighting recreational activities such as surfing, yoga and skiing. These are some of the most attractive interests men can include in their profiles. If you’re trying to attract more women to your profile, describe yourself as sweet, ambitious, and thoughtful — as long as you are. Data show that many women eat that stuff up.

Now comes the all-important profile pic. Oddly enough, you might want to make yourself look the opposite of sweet and thoughtful. Men whose profiles get the most attention include pictures in which they are looking away from the camera. You shouldn’t even smile! For maximum effectiveness, rip your shirt off and show your muscles.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how a few changes to your profile can result in more messages from potential dates.

How to Optimize Your Dating Profile Infographic

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