Home Advice What Are the Chances of Winning a Workers’ Compensation Case?

What Are the Chances of Winning a Workers’ Compensation Case?

What Are the Chances of Winning a Worker’s Comp Case?
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A person working in an office probably never thought that he could become a victim of an accident, namely, falling from a chair or on a wet surface. So what can we say about construction workers and other dangerous professions who are constantly susceptible to injuries and dangerous situations? In such situations, each employee can receive compensation from their employer.

Protecting your interests in the event of injury in the workplace and further compensation is quite dangerous because your employer’s lawyers can quite easily dismiss an insurance claim. To avoid a negative outcome, the injured worker should seek help from the workmen’s compensation lawyer. The benefits of this approach are:

It should be noted that when using the services of a workers comp attorney, the chances of a positive outcome of the case are about 95%, which is a very high indicator. However, as for the cases that reach the court, their number is only 7% of the total.

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How do I get compensation for my workplace injury?

To receive compensation for a past injury at the workplace, you need to go through some steps.

  • First of all, you need to contact your doctor for a certificate of injury. He will issue a verdict on what kind of injuries were received and what degree of severity. This is a kind of assessment of the damage done to the victim. This should be done primarily because health is the most important thing in every person’s life, and no compensation can heal serious injuries.
  • Further, the victim needs to verbally or in writing state what happened and what injuries were received. The doctor’s conclusions will be proof that the situation is really out of the ordinary. It is worth noting that the victim needs to tell his superiors everything to the point in the circumstances. This means that in no case should you exaggerate the severity of what happened because, upon detailed examination, facts may appear that will refute the employee’s words. 
  • Ultimately, the worker should turn to a highly qualified attorney who deals with workplace injuries. As already mentioned, the percentage of situations that ended positively for the victim reaches 100%. 

Also, to ensure that you have a successful compensation case, you should religiously stick to the following:

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  • Do not miss any deadline: Perhaps the main motivation most laborers comp claims are denied is that they were not recorded or provided details regarding time. Laborers’ pay claims should be accounted for ASAP, as a rule, within a couple of days of the injury. Your boss is likewise liable for telling a suitable insurance agency as soon as the incident happens.
  • Filter your words as you talk to an Insurance Adjuster: You ought to realize that an insurance agent takes a record or reports any discussion he has with a mishap or injury casualty. Likewise, you ought to know that a protection agent does not work for you; however, just the insurance agency’s well-being has a fundamental level. Remarking on anything to a protection agent goes straightforwardly into their records. Surprisingly, however, a recorded discussion secures the two players. It is something you ought never to consent to do. Insurance agents do not work for you. 
  • Document all communication: Regardless of who you talk with, whether it is an insurance agent, the specialist’s office, or your manager, guarantee that you report these calls, the name of the individual who talked with you, and the hour of the call. What you talked about on the telephone is vital, too. You ought to likewise realize that specialists’ workplaces and insurance agencies additionally record the entirety of their calls, so archiving your calls is still set up. Inability to record your calls implies you probably will not have the option to review things you more likely than not discussed. Nevertheless, what you discussed on the telephone could help win a specialist’s comp case. 
  • Stay away from social media: The truth of the matter is if you need the chances of winning a specialist comp case to support yourself, you would need to remain off online media until everything is finished. This is because something you post on the web could wind up being utilized against you. This is why it is critical to cease online media, particularly if you are away from work and recuperating or accepting treatment. Additionally, guarantee nobody snaps a photo of you and posts it on the web. 
  • Keep a diary: You ought to have a journal that would help you track the date of injury, the date you recorded a report, the date you advised your backup plan of the mishap, treatment meetings, medical procedures, clinical arrangements, and nonappearance from work.


Out of the large numbers of harmed individuals grinding away every year, just a small portion of them will proceed to win their compensation cases. Lamentably, numerous people will experience issues as they endeavor to get any compensation for any harm at the workplace. These issues can originate from their lawyers, clinic or doctor assigned to the case, or the employer. However, you can easily win your compensation case if you follow the guidelines above. Moreover, it increases your chances of winning.

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