Home Advice Unique Summer Date Ideas That Aren’t “Netflix and Chill”

Unique Summer Date Ideas That Aren’t “Netflix and Chill”

The Escape Room
  • Food Trucks For Two

Because the way to every millennials’ heart is through their stomach. Scratch the stuffy and overpriced 4-course-dinner reservations and try out a local food truck festival in your area. You both can find something delicious, and best of all – who said you have to limit yourself to just 4 courses! Add a level of fun by making a game of who orders the best meal from all of the trucks.

Food Trucks

  • Indoor Rock Climbing

Test your strength physically (and as a couple!) and check out an indoor rock climbing facility. Venture outside your comfort zone as you test your compatibility with your loved one – as both partners in life and belaying partners! MountainProject.com/Gyms offers a full list of indoor rock climbing facilities for every state.

Indoor Rock Climbing

  • The Escape Game

For those who love adventure and the element of surprise, The Escape Game is a truly unique experience and the ultimate one-of-a-kind date. With multiple locations across the country, you and BAE can choose from over 5 scenarios, search for clues and solve riddles to try and escape from games like “Prison Break,” “Gold Rush,” and “Heist” before time’s up. Raise the stakes and invite another couple for a double-date and added competition! Check out your local escape game in Nashville, Orlando, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Houston and Pigeon Forge.

The Escape Game

  • Indoor Race Track

There are some couples that feel the need for speed–and for those fast paced twosomes, Pole Position Raceway is the perfect date spot to escape the heat this summer. With numerous locations throughout the U.S. the amateur go kart race track is sure get the adrenaline pumping and pick up the pace of your romantic evening.

Indoor Race Track

  • Trampoline Park

Reach new heights with the one you love, and bring out your inner kid with a trip to your local trampoline park. For active couples, forget dress clothes and a formal dinner. Bounce ‘til you drop, and get your workout in, all in one jump.

Trampoline Park