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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boss this Holiday Season

The year is winding down and the Christmas parties have begun.  Between shopping for the numerous members of your family, friends, and even coworkers, you now must consider one more: your boss.  You might feel tapped out.  Who has space in their head to think of one more person with one more gift?  But there’s no need to worry, as buying something for your boss can be both simple and personal.  The Christmas party is a wonderful time to join together to have fun and show each other your appreciation. There are so many ways to show graciousness to your boss this holiday season, and here are just a few to put a smile on his or her face:

A Gift Card for a Spa Treatment

You—more than anyone—might understand how stressful work is.  Chances are your boss is stressed as well.  Give the gift of relaxation by presenting your boss with a gift card for a massage or other spa treatment.  Research spas in your area to find out which spas have the best treatments.  A popular choice would be a massage, but other treatments include mud baths, flotation therapy, and facials.  Massage Envy is a popular chain that provides many of these services.

Tickets to the Game

Sometimes there is nothing greater than the basic joy of sitting down at a game with a hot dog and a beer.  Give the gift of leisure to your boss by purchasing tickets for a local game.  Tickets can be affordable and deals can often be found online.  He or she will be grateful to have something to look forward to with a friend, family-member, or significant other.

Something Sporty

Perhaps your boss enjoys playing sports more than actually watching them.  He may love disk-golf or she may like badminton.  There is always something new and cutting edge on the market for athletes, but there is no need to empty your wallet.  A simple gift can be a goodie-bag with athletic wear such as new sweatbands, athletic socks, and a sport’s magazine dedicated to the sport of their choice.  Little gifts can make a big impression on your boss for you having thought about their personal tastes and interests.


A Bottled Wine or Spirit

If you’re boss appreciates a fine wine or spirit, then there may be no better gift this holiday season!  It is simple, it is easy, and it will almost certainly be well-received.  Many of your coworkers might have the same idea, so make your gift stand out by personalizing the bottle for your boss. Etching Expressions creates beautiful, etched designs to remind your boss how much you are thankful for them and their work.  Even after the wine runs dry, they can keep the bottle as a memento to how they have made a positive impact on their colleagues.

Coffee Table Book

As plain as it sounds, it can be an interesting and thoughtful book.  The draw of a coffee table book is to provoke conversation, so there is no limit to the amount of interesting things you can find.  There are books on fashion designers, architects, travel, dogs, crafts, and the list goes on.  Chances are that if your boss has a niche interest, there is certainly a coffee table book for that.

A Couple’s Cooking Class

If your boss is curious to try new things, then a cooking class is the right fit for them.  Research the internet for cooking classes near you.  There are many nice restaurants that offer cooking classes.  Of course, there will be different options depending on where you live, and your boss may have very different tastes than your own.  For example, you should probably avoid a sushi-making class if your boss hates fish.  However, if you live in the city, there is a high probability that there is a diverse array of options.  Some of these establishments will have you eat and drink as you go— and what is better than the gift of food?

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