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Top Romantic Presents She will Love

Romantic Presents

They say that romance is dead. Those who say this obviously haven’t put in the effort to resurrect it. There still quite a few people out there who cherish that special someone and want to see them happy. One way to show appreciation is to give your significant other a present to show what they mean to you. If you’re looking for ideas to impress that special “her”, you’ve come to the right place.

1.      Breakfast in bed

There are very few romantic ideas that come close to food. There’s something about a well-cooked meal that makes us all feel appreciated. A typical trip to a fancy restaurant would do the trick, but there’s something even better you can try. Breakfast in bed is a fantastic way to pamper your significant other and tell her she is special.

It’s a much more intimate and personal way to deliver delicious food to her plate. Imagine waking up from a deep sleep all drowsy and the first thing you see is a wonderful gesture like this. If there’s something that will sweep her off her feet, it’s a good wake-me-up breakfast surprise.

2.      A custom coupon book

Coupons aren’t exactly the most romantic way to show your affection, but they can be pretty creative if you put in a little bit of effort. These aren’t the kind of coupons you will be spending at the store, either. Your custom coupons can be redeemed for whatever activity crosses your mind. It’s all about making them a personalized experience.

You can give her some coupons for a free back massage from you. Have a couple of coupons for doing a bunch of chores around the house. The coupon book can also include some fun and interesting activities outside. Things like going to dinner or the movies can be pretty refreshing when there’s no arguing or strings attached.

coupon book

3.      Homemade chocolate

Chocolate is one of those timeless gifts that will never go out of style. Just about everyone likes eating chocolate and it’s a pretty safe bet when it comes to romantic gestures. Do you know what’s even better than regular chocolates? Chocolates that you made on your own. Imagine the kind of reaction you will get when she sees your cooking prowess in action. You can give your own English touch to a Belgian specialty. Not only does she get a bunch of chocolates, but she also gets to enjoy the fruit of your labour and that’s a much more important part of it.

Start off by deciding what kind of chocolate it’s going to be. Milky chocolate is everyone’s favourite classic, but maybe you want to get creative with your choices. White chocolate is an interesting alternative since it can symbolize a kind of purity. Let’s not forget that it’s pretty delicious as well. On the other hand, dark chocolate is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It may have something to do with the richness of taste that you get from it. The high percentage of cocoa and difficulty making might slow you down, but there are a variety of recipes online that will guide you through the process step by step.

The shape is another thing you have to keep in mind. Hearts are the classic choice that symbolize romance. You could always make something that is more personal. Think of a shape that reminds her of something that relates to both of you and your relationship. That can be understandably difficult to translate into chocolates. You can always stick to chocolate hearts, it’s unlikely that she’ll complain since it’s still chocolate.

4.      Write a poem

You might be thinking that poetry is too outdated for someone living in the twenty-first century. It might be a mostly dead art, but poetry is still very much alive if you have it in you. Writing isn’t everyone’s forte and that’s especially true when it comes to something like poetry. However, you don’t have to be Oscar Wilde to impress your better half. Any kind of effort put into poems is going to be appreciated.

Poetry usually goes well with a set of skills like rhyming and wordplay, but you shouldn’t think of this as a way to flex your writing skills. Instead, focus on making it cute and romantic above all else, even if you have to sacrifice writing ideals.

When you’re finished with your personal love poems, you should put them somewhere where she’ll accidentally stumble upon them. Maybe put a poem in her coat pocket so that she’ll randomly brush upon it when looking for her keys. An especially cute place to put them is someplace like under her pillow. This is an additional way to make her morning if you opt for breakfast in bed. It’s romantic double jeopardy.

Write a poem

5.      Get especially creative with a gift

Gift-giving is more of an art than it is a skill, but it still requires quite a bit of skill to go along with it. Coming up with the perfect gift requires a lot of intimate knowledge of the other person, which is probably why it’s valued so highly among couples and close friends. Don’t fall for some common misconceptions about giving people gifts. A custom gift has to appeal to the heart and not the wallet. All you need for the perfect gift is some inspiration and craftsmanship.

The internet can be of assistance too. There’s something for every kind of taste online. It’s a treasure cove of gift ideas that only requires a bit of dedication to exploring.

When you come up with the perfect idea, you need to make the execution right. You have to get that gift to her doorstep. There are a lot of services that specialize in gift delivery that can help you. On the other hand, you could always bring it to her yourself. Most people prefer sending it indirectly because it allows that person to appreciate you and your dedication from afar. Then when they see you, they will have their appreciation hug and speech ready.

6.      Explore the town

People love quenching their thirst for exploration. Most people will look to places overseas in order to better acquaint themselves with a world that is unknown to them. However, you would be surprised at how little people truly know about their own city. There are probably hundreds of beautiful things you can see in your own British hometown that might have passed under your radar thus far. It’s very likely that your significant other doesn’t know every single interesting spot in town, either. It might be time for a little hometown exploration for both of you.

Start by searching online for tips on what there is to do in your city. You might come across something particularly interesting in the underground scene. Little taverns and cute mom and pop restaurants are great options to choose from. If you prefer partying late into the night, there’s probably an underground club scene that you haven’t heard about yet. All it takes is a bit of research and you might end up finding some real gems that help change your perspective of your town.

Explore the town


Coming up with the right kind of gift idea isn’t an easy task, but it’s one of the most rewarding tasks you can give yourself. There are very few people out there that don’t appreciate a thoughtful present, which is why you are right to be looking for some good ideas. Consider using some of these tips and you will be a shoo-in to impress your special lady.

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