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Tips For Buying Used Outboard Motors

Tips For Buying Used Outboard Motors
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Buying a boat is a significant investment, and as much fun as it can be, they also come with a lot of upkeep and maintenance costs. If you’re looking to save money on your boat purchase, getting a used outboard motor is one way to do that. While it’s still important to research when buying any boat, there are some things you should know about before deciding if this is the right choice for you. Let’s look at four tips for buying used outboard motors when you see used outboard motors for sale:

Identify your goals

First and foremost, this is the most important step. If you don’t know what kind of motor will work best for your needs, how can you possibly know what to look for? Start with everything you’re looking for in your list of requirements for an outboard motor. For example:

  • I want an all-around good performer
  • I’m looking for a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain item
  • I want something small enough for my canoe or kayak, so it won’t get in the way when we’re fishing or paddling around

When buying a used motor, you must know precisely what you want. Having this information at hand will make finding your dream boat engine much easier and less of a hassle. Here are some things to consider:

  • Understanding the brand of motor you’re looking for (i.e., Mercury, Yamaha, Honda). Make sure that the company you buy from is a trustworthy one. Many engines have high resale value because they are famous and trustworthy brands with many years of quality service.
  • Knowing your motor’s horsepower—you may not need an 800-horsepower outboard if your boat only needs 200 horsepower! To determine this number, look at how much power your current outboard uses compared to its displacement (the amount of water displaced when submerged) in cubic inches per cylinder displacement times 2). 

For instance: if I have an 8 HP outboard on my four-person inflatable dinghy that weighs 1000 pounds dry weight and displaces .72 gallons per cylinder (4 cylinders), I will divide eight by 0.72 x2 = 3 HP needed for my small craft!

It’s essential to know the history of the motor you are buying to be sure it is in good condition and can serve its purpose for years to come.

Many different companies are making outboard motors. While many are great, some are known for producing higher quality, more reliable products.

  • It is possible to find outboard motors made by many different companies. Yet some are more useful than others, and some should be avoided.
  • A few companies also make great products but can’t seem to get them right every time.
  • And finally, there’s the group of companies that makes good and bad products – you have to know what you’re looking for!
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Checking the price

Price checking should be your first step. When buying a used outboard motor, it’s essential to know how much they usually sell for. 

It would help if you researched before purchasing a used motor, as they can often be a significant investment.

  • Outboard motors are a significant investment.
  • They’re easy to maintain, repair, and resell.
  • Used outboard motors are often better than new ones, especially if you buy them online.


These tips for buying a used outboard motor will help you find the best deals and save you from making mistakes. It’s always best to be prepared when purchasing anything secondhand so take some time to research what kind of motor might suit your needs and then consider these four tips before making your decision:

  • Knowing what you want is essential.
  • Whenever you are considering a purchase, get it evaluated.
  • Do some price-checking online or at local marinas and bait shops.
  • Make sure that the company who made your motor has a good reputation.

If you follow these steps carefully, chances are pretty good that when all is done—and after some hard work installing it—you’ll end up with something that serves your purpose well!

Featured Photo by Deva Darshan: https://www.pexels.com