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Three things you should know before moving in with the missus

So. Living with your girlfriend is something that you have been thinking about lately. Everything has been going really great with her, you’re getting along better than you ever have before, and your rent is just about to go up in price. Not to mention the fact that one of your housemates has been bugging you lately and you think it might be time that you move on. But does it make sense for you to move in with your girlfriend at this time in your life?

Before you go and move in with your girlfriend, there are some things that you need to know about her, and there are some things that she needs to know about you. We don’t want to stop you from making any important decisions in your life, we just want to make sure that you approach any big life decision with your eyes wide open, and all possibilities considered. Moving in with your significant other is a big step, but provided that you take the time to talk everything through, and make sure you agree on the big things, your chances of success are going to be pretty high. These ripper tips are brought to you by Move on Removals, for the best moves in Melbourne.

Do we actually want to move in together?

One of the first questions that you need to ask each other is actually if you want to live together. There’s no need to move in with somebody just because you’ve been going out for a while, and if that’s the only reason that you’re thinking of moving in together then it’s not the best reason, sorry.  If you are both happy living separately and are enjoying having your own space while spending plenty of time together, then there is no reason to change this arrangement unless you genuinely want to. Plenty of people enjoy having their own space, and it is actually good for a relationship for people to have their own lives. Your relationship is still progressing even if you are not living together, and don’t base your relationship on anyone else and standards except your own.

How much room do we actually need?


OK so you do want to live together. That’s great. Now that you know you are definitely keen to live together, you’ll need to know how much space you’re actually going to need to feel happy. Some couples like to have a bedroom each in their space, even if it’s only really ever used as a spare bedroom for guests to stay over. Perhaps if you work from home you need to have an office or study to work from. Are you happy to share everything in the apartment, or would you like to have a corner where you can put just your own things. The amount of choice you have is going to depend very much on how much you have to spend, and what kind of place you are looking to move into. If you are looking to move it to somewhere in Melbourne for example, you are going to be more restricted than if you were moving into somewhere in Geelong. Housing prices in Melbourne a lot higher and do restrict you somewhat in terms of the space you can afford.

How much time do we want to spend together?

While it’s nice to think that when you move in together that you’re going to spend all of your time together, the reality is quite a bit different. It’s nice to work out beforehand how you want your lives to work so that there are no unexpected surprises for one party or another. Once you do move in together, how much time are you going to spend with your partner, and how much time out with friends? How much time do you need to spend alone? Would you like to have a regular date night so that you don’t spend all of your evenings in bed with Netflix? Or if that’s both of your ideas of the best time in the world then you’ve found the perfect partner. Make sure that you are open to compromise, and work at both people’s inclinations.

There are, of course, a number of other things you need to know, like how much wardrobe space does she need – actually – and whether she’s going to be crazy about certain things like pee on the seat or other minor details. We’re sorry but you can’t actually get real answers to those questions, ‘cos while she might try to be all coy about these things the reality is you only find out when it’s too late. When you are ready for the big move man and a van in Ayr will help you make the big move. Good luck, and enjoy the journey!

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