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Tasteful Home Decor For Single Guys

Being a single guy in these enlightened times has plenty of advantages because the way society has changed means there are more opportunities for self-expression. Our fathers and grandfathers had far less chance to present themselves as individuals because peer pressures and social mores used to be more constricting. By the time they were in their mid-twenties the majority of American men would have been married in years gone by; something that most modern males might find hard to imagine.

Today the single guy lifestyle is something that is to be embraced at pretty much any age. One by-product of this change is that more men than ever before now take an active role in creating their home decor and there are plenty of new ways to express their own character.

Man cave

Of course this isn’t just a 21st century phenomenon. Back in the Sixties and Seventies when post war generations found themselves living in more liberated times and with greater amounts of disposable income, a certain kind of male interior design started to emerge. However, this quickly took on an aspect of parody as black leather and steel or chrome furniture matched with then-current tech, such as high-end audio systems, became a byword for a macho-based aesthetic.

Today similar themes still crop up with various ‘how to’ guides for building a man cave in your basement, spare room or garage. Thankfully many men don’t simply see their interior decor ideas being limited to having a grown-up’s playroom where they and they friends can watch the game.

Room by room


Obviously each room will need a different approach, if only for practical reasons. A deep pile carpet that could transform a main room might not work in a bathroom, and likewise tiled walls are practical in a kitchen but wouldn’t work in a dining room. However, it can be a good idea to use themes and ideas throughout your home to give a seamless transition from room to room.

You can always use other people’s designs for inspiration too. Taking a bedroom as an example, anyone who thinks about the best hotel room they’ve ever stayed in would be off to a good start. They are usually designed to create a serene and relaxing experience based around luxury, so many have a minimalist design that offers efficiency and functionality, factors which are often associated with masculine style choices.


Most clichés are based on fact, and the one about men and their love of gadgets is a case in point. The kitchen is a great place for a man to be able to let his inner geek run free without the result looking like some kind of science experiment gone wrong. A good coffee grinder can make a real style statement while a high end chef-quality knife rack makes preparing food easier and looks great too.

Colors and light

inside-apartment-design-home (2)

Probably one of the most important choices in any home decor scheme comes down to color. Traditional masculine colors such as silver, grey and metallic never really go out of fashion and you can always add splashes of extra character by choosing statement appliances and accessories all over the house. Clean white walls or muted pale shades can bring a sense of space to smaller rooms, but the real trick is to know how to utilize natural light.

Whether you are on the ground floor or in a high rise apartment, the light that comes into your home is nature’s way of helping a quest for the best interior decor. Obviously there’s no point in blocking it all out, but at the same time privacy and security issues also come into play. That’s where special shape shutters can be the perfect answer, as they not only come in a range of materials and designs, they can also be made to measure to create a truly individual solution.


One thing that puts many single guys off from getting into home decor is the fact that the ideas can cost a lot of money to get right. However, having a clear concept means you can then look around for suitable bargains. Picking up furniture from online auctions or second-hand stores is a great way to work up a style based on a particular era. This can help bring everything together in a thematically pleasing way throughout you home without breaking the bank.

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