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Taj Residencia VS Kingdom Valley Development Updates

Taj Residencia VS Kingdom Valley Development Updates
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Are you like me and love exploring new and unique real estate projects? Taj Residencia and Kingdom Valley Islamabad are both unique housing projects worth taking a second look at. The main idea behind these projects is to provide a valuable and high-quality lifestyle to its potential residents. Both housing societies are near Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it an ideal location for both of them. 

Taj Residencia Islamabad

Taj Residencia Islamabad is one of the most famous and futuristic of the two projects within the world of real estate. The owner of Taj Residencia is Sardar Group of companies known for their unique project of the Centaurus Pakistan. The core of this real estate project is to provide comfort and luxury in one gated community. 

Taj Residencia Islamabad Location

Location is the primary concern of every investor, and Taj Residencia has made sure they will provide a quality living lifestyle to its future residents. It lies in the center of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it feasible for both Islamabad and Rawalpindi residents. Bhata Road is where we can find Taj Residencia Islamabad. 

Taj Residencia Development Updates

Development in any housing society indicates interest amongst potential home buyers. As the pace of developments gets underway, work shows a sign of rapid development from roads to blocks. Taj Residencia is a unique and beautiful housing project that will excite new home buyers for years to come. 

Blocks Work Progress

The work on several blocks of Taj Residencia is going on at a high pace. Blocks A, B, C, and block D are nearly complete. Residents are also shifting in these blocks. The first phase of the project is now achievable, and currently, the project is working on the second phase. The main boulevard and all adjacent streets are fully functional as well. 

Grand Mosque

The work of the Taj Residencia Grand Mosque is now fully complete. The construction work shows religious beliefs and aesthetics in mind, which altogether makes it a beautiful Masjid. The grand mosque is now available to offer prayers.

Plantation Drive

To make the environment more eco-friendly and green, Taj Residencia has initiated a plantation drive. They have planted many beautiful plants, including the regal palm trees. The main idea here lies in providing clean and fresh air and environment to its future residents. 

Roads Developments

The roads in Taj Residencia Islamabad are fully functional; you can quickly go there and have a nice trip before investing. Routes of all blocks are carpeted and ready for use with proper signboards. 

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a project in collaboration with Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. This housing society plans to provide an affordable and high-end lifestyle to its future residents. Moreover, Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal is the Chairman and CEO of the housing society. Most importantly, the master plan of this housing society is exceptional because it includes comfort with luxury. 

Kingdom Valley Location Map

Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s location is ideal for all the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, it is close to Islamabad International Airport and M2-Motorway. These are areas that all investors most care about before investing. Lastly, because of its prime location, Kingdom Valley is famous because of its low-price plots.

Kingdom Valley Development Updates

Development is a crucial indicator of how society is progressing. The best news for this real estate project’s investors is that this housing society is developing quickly. Some of the details are as follows:

  • The roads are leveling up and making it fully functional, making it feasible for users, especially all the investors and residents of Kingdom Valley Islamabad.
  • The street lights and boards are present on the roads to facilitate the visitors. 
  • To make the environment of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad clean and fresh, the developers have planted a variety of plants. 


Both housing societies are developing at a suitable pace. The main agenda of both real estate projects is to offer a lot of amenities and facilities to their residents. And, to provide them with all facilities in one gated community, the development of jousting societies is crucial. If we draw a comparison of both housing societies, then Taj Residencia’s works are on a higher pace. But does not undermine the fact that Kingdom Valley Islamabad is under Prime Minister Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and will deliver to its investors real soon. 

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