Home Advice 3 Stunning Ideas For A Gentleman To Start A New Business Online

3 Stunning Ideas For A Gentleman To Start A New Business Online

3 Proven Ideas For A Gentleman’s Online Business

Life is tough. Everything in it comes with a price. A decent pair of shoes can cost an entire fortune today, not to mention the prices in even a mediocre barbershop. Money, while not the goal of a gentleman’s life is an essential element of it, a helping tool because, in the end of the day, a man has to support himself and his family.

That’s exactly why startups are skyrocketing nowadays. The idea of starting a personal business is charming, intriguing and fascinating. And, frankly, it’s fairly intimidating as well. Luckily we have the internet at our disposal – an endless source of new ideas, such as the ones listed below.

Top 3 stunning online business ideas

An online business has series of comprehensive advantages over its brick and mortar counterpart. There’s no need to hire and train a lot of staff, rent does not exist and, frankly, an idea backed with a couple hundred bucks can be enough for an impressive jump start. Just think about it…

An online casino

If this option is legal in your country – feel free to try on the shoes of a James Bond villain with an online casino of your own. Top online casino software developers at evenbet gaming are willing to do all the power lifting for you. Outsourcing development as well as necessary certifications is not as expensive as you might think.

In the end of the run you will have a finished product ready for action and friendly to gamblers. You will also have to invest a lot of cash into marketing and SEO, but if you have a couple thousand dollars available – go for this one of a kind chance without second thought.

A Listicle blog

This bad boy won’t cost more than $20 – the price of a decent coffee. Time investments can be minimized to as much as an hour per day. Just check Reddit or Facebook for engaging, interesting chunks of content, convert them into stories and voila – you have a splendid passive source of income. ViralNova for example, a startup of one guy who has hired a couple of writers was recently sold for $100 million.

And even if your site will not be as huge, but constant traffic will be able to make a solid thousand dollars per month through adsense.

An e-commerce store

Purchase ties from chine, slap a neat price tag on those, invest a bit into development of an online store or even make it for free via WordPress and voila – you are the king of the hill.

What about your personal business ideas? Do you have any interesting stories to share?

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