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Stomp Out Stress: Ways to Stop Worrying That Really Work

Do you worry uncontrollably? Do your worries keep you up at night? Excessive worrying is bad for you and can affect your body is ways which may surprise you. Over time, it can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. It can also cause muscle tension, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Here are some apps to help you relax and get a handle on your worrywart ways.

Adult Coloring: Check out this mandala coloring book app for Android it has over 100 designs of people, places, mandalas, animals, and flowers for you to color with a mere touch of your finger. It will take your mind off your worries, slow your breathing and heart rate, lower your blood pressure and help you stay

Meditation: Headspace is a complete meditation app that can help you through even the most stressful periods of your life. The app has ten free sessions and offers hundreds of more hours if you wish to subscribe. Whether you’re new to meditation or an expert this app is very helpful for calming you down.

Squash Stress: Mindshift allows you to measure your level of anxiety and then reduce it. It’s suitable for all ages and has features to help you with handling conflict, riding out intense emotions, controlling perfectionism, quelling worry, as well as dealing with panic and social anxiety.

Mindful breathing: If you’re struggling with worries and anxiety and you want to stop them controlling your life, try Breathe2Relax. It features breathing exercise to help you become more aware of when you are not breathing deeply and how to correct this.

Ease your mind: Digipill offers “digital pills for your mind” in the form of psychoacoustics. This app has unique 10-minute audio tracks that will help ease your tension and relax you as soon as you begin to listen. If the free Digipill works you can subscribe to unlock more downloads.

Kick worry: This Way Up is an unusual app designed for a range of mental disorders. Several courses are offered for dealing with stress and anxiety as well as depression.  80 percent of users claim to see improvement, 50 percent to the point of no longer being troubled by worry or depression.

smartphone-1894723_640Gradual stress relief: Pacifica will help you stop worrying one step at a time. It’s a daily tool that helps you overcome stress at your own pace. It combines cognitive behavior therapy with healthy relaxation techniques. By tracking your daily activities by typing or audio, the app helps you to understand what is triggering your anxiety or causing you to worry. Once you’ve figured out your triggers, you can work to break the negative cycle. It’s a low-maintenance app that is easy to use and very effective.

Don’t put up with a life of worry, it will eventually negatively impact your long-term health. Use these apps to get a grip on your worrying so you can relax and live life to the full.