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Shopping For A 5 Carat Diamond

Shopping for diamonds is quite an incredible experience. The options are so vast and beautiful that sometimes it can feel overwhelming. But you’re already part of the way there – you know that you are specifically looking for the perfect diamond. And we are here to help you do that. Finding that perfect diamond is not an easy task, especially if your shopping for a 5 carat diamond– you must know what you are really looking for in order to ensure that you get the best possible stone that you can.


Let’s go through some of the things you will want to think about when shopping for a 5 carat diamond.


The first thing you will want to do before starting your search for the perfect stone is to set your budget. There is such a wide variety of prices for a 5 carat ring that depend upon things such as cut and clarity. So, be sure you know going into it how much you are willing to spend for your fiancé.


Because you already know the fourth “C,” you need to focus on the other three “C”s: cut, color, and clarity.


Cut: There are different grades of cut that include: ideal, very good, good, fair, and poor. The cut is different from the shape as it will determine how much the diamond sparkles.

Color: The color grades vary from Z to D, where Z has the most color and D is 100% clear. Obviously, the clearer the diamond, the better, so the closer to you get to D, the more expensive the ring. Also, the bigger the diamond, the more color will show, making that grade score even more important. Shapes such as princess or round hide color better than others, so you can go with lower grade colors for those shapes oftentimes without noticing it a great deal.

Clarity: Clarity is graded using the following: F.L (flawless), I.F (internally flawless), VVSI (very very slightly-included 1 ), V.V.S.2 (very very slightly-included 2), V.S.1 (very slightly-included 1), V.S.2 (very slightly-included 2), S.I.1 (slightly-included 1), S.I.2 (slightly-included 2), I1, I2, I3 (various levels of included). So what does this all mean? “Included” refers to the imperfections. Obviously grade FL means there are no imperfections, and grade I3 means that there are likely quite a few imperfections in the diamond.


You are probably wondering also how 5 carats compares to other diamonds. This size of diamond is very large compared to most rings. The average carat for an engagement ring is just a little over 1 carat, so you are looking at something that is far larger than that. When you see a 5 carat ring it really warrants a “wow!” It is quite a stunning sight to see and will impress not one your loved one but everyone who spots it on her finger.

And because it is so much larger, you will want to make sure you are going with a diamond that is as close to flawless as your budget will allow. Because this size is on the bigger end, any flaws will be much easier to see than with a smaller carat.

Overall, shopping for a 5 carat piece will certainly be an experience you will not forget. Whoever is ending up with this diamond is very lucky!

Cut, color, carat & clarity information courtesy of Your Diamond Teacher.