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Selecting the Best Online Fax Service for your Business

Best Online Fax Service
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Selecting the Best Online Fax Service for your Business

Online fax service enables the transfer of electronic documents using the internet or internet protocols without the need for an antiquated fax machine. Online fax services provide an advanced form of sending documents vs. the conventional fax machines that require the user to print and scan paper documents. The standard fax machine relied on a telephone connection and a computer to send and receive files.

Best Online Fax Service
Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Internet faxing uses paperless documents and is a cost-effective method to send a fax online, giving the user more control of how and where they view their messages. However, there are many factors that you need to consider in the selection of a good online fax service.

Estimate the number of files you need to send

There are numerous faxing plans available in the market. Some you can send a specific number of documents for free per month, and you are charged additional costs for additional files. Depending on the number of files you will be sending every month, you can effectively select a cost-effective method for your business. In the selection, processes read and understand all the plans and opt for the best for your workload. 

Supported countries

They are limitations in the number of countries an online fax service can send and receive files. Most service providers only emphasize the states you can send a fax to without informing you of the ones you can receive a fax. Ensure the service provider gives you a local fax number and enquire about the countries you can send or receive faxed documents.

The integration of the fax service

The fax service needs to integrate seamlessly with your computer apps and services. The service you select should be compatible with your devices and work efficiently. Good internet service should have search functionality that enables you to access all the documents received or sent easily.

Additional features

Internet fax
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The fax service should not have limited facilities and features. You should select an internet fax service that has additional and exciting features that provide unique services. Select an option that can offer services to human-operated telefax devices and those that require dialing extensions. Select the best fax service that is suitable for your business, one with diversified features and services. Here are common features you can expect:

  • Scheduled Faxing
  • Extension Dialing
  • Send Fax to Human Operated Fax Machines
  • Fax Thumbnail in Archive
  • Online Signature
  • Mass Faxing
  • Retry for failed faxes
  • Reporting System
  • Fax Header
  • Secure Archiving


The internet fax plan should have flexible options that enable expansion as your business needs grow, and your clientele-base diversifies. If the method is static, it may require you to buy another plan when your business expands, which is quite expensive.


A good internet fax system should work without failure 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Consistent breakdowns are an inconvenience to the business and may lead to increased costs and inefficiency. Select a service that is reputable for offering quality services to your business with minimal downtime. 

Set up fees

The process of setting up an internet fax service involves signing up to a website and creating an account. The set up is easy, and a good service provider will not demand any setup fees; if you notice that the service provider is demanding an initial set up cost, distance yourself from such providers.

Canceling policies

Most fax service providers charge a specific amount of money annually or monthly. Others charge based on the number of pages sent per an agreed period. In the charging process, the provider requires that you add your credit or debit card where they can automatically deduct the service fees. Before adding a viable payment plan, ensure there is an option of canceling your subscription when you no longer require the services.

Lastly, the above factors will enable you to select the best internet fax providers available in the market. Ensure the service you opt for is efficient, cost-effective, and integrates well with your organization’s needs.


The internet has taken many older technologies breathing new life into them by creating new and improved ways of communicating more productively. Not only has the internet provided a new time-saving application, but it has modernized the fax machine. Internet faxing saves time and space by cutting out the hardware. The benefits are numerous, including an environmental impact. The ability to work online, sending digital documents cuts down on the usage of paper. It allows you to store past faxes electronically, eliminating the need to print out a copy for future records.