Home Health What You Need to Know About Pests and Allergic Reactions

What You Need to Know About Pests and Allergic Reactions

What You Need to Know About Pests and Allergic Reactions
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Common household pests such as bees, cockroaches, and spiders not only make your home uninviting to guests but can also cause severe allergic reactions, which is why it’s so important that any infestations are dealt with promptly by someone like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/pest-control/. Keep reading to learn about the most common pests and their correlating allergy symptoms.


If you are one of the thousands of Americans with a bee sting allergy, pest control is a critical step to avoid medical issues. A mild bee sting allergy can cause redness, swelling, and itching. A severe allergic reaction can cause wheezing, hives, nausea, a rapid pulse, dizziness, and anaphylaxis. Sensitive people can have a severe allergic reaction after a single sting, but even those not allergic to bees can have a severe reaction if they get stung multiple times. 


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Cockroaches aren’t just unsightly, but they can also cause serious allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks. Health problems arise when cockroach wastes, dropped body parts, and saliva particles become airborne. Symptoms of a cockroach allergy include skin rashes, coughing, nasal congestion, and wheezing. A cockroach allergy can also lead to ear and sinus infections. Unlike similar seasonal allergy symptoms, the health issues caused by a cockroach allergy can become chronic. 

Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick bites cause itchy red bumps on affected areas. Young children or those allergic to fleas or ticks may also develop widespread hives, as well as nausea, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the lips or face. 

Pets are highly allergic to flea and tick saliva. Symptoms of a flea allergy in your pet can include irritated skin, excessive scratching, or dermatitis. Hot spots can also result when dogs constantly lick, chew, or scratch at flea bites. Also known as acute moist dermatitis, hot spots are patches of red, infected skin. These spots can be difficult to get rid of, with treatment usually involving a combination of antibiotics and steroids.


Spider bites can cause swelling, redness, itching, and pain. Those allergic to spider bites may also experience severe symptoms, including wheezing, difficulty breathing, coughing, lightheadedness, nausea, hives, and shock. Spider allergies can also cause swelling of the tongue, lips, eyelids, ears, mucous membranes, feet, and hands.


Scorpions are a common pest in the Las Vegas area. Scorpion bites can be extremely painful, but they can also cause life-threatening reactions in small children and the elderly. These vulnerable groups may experience difficulty breathing, nausea, hypertension, and an accelerated heart rate. Anyone can develop an allergic reaction to a scorpion sting. Symptoms of a scorpion allergy are severe and include hives, nausea, vomiting, and anaphylaxis.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control

A pest control professional is your best choice when dealing with allergies caused by household pests. A professional exterminator can identify pests quickly and develop a plan to eradicate them. For pest control in Las Vegas, be sure you pick a trained team knowledgeable in safe chemical use, keeping your pets and children safe from any harmful chemicals.

A pest-free home is essential in preventing allergy and asthma symptoms. Don’t waste time and money on ineffective do-it-yourself solutions. Let the professionals at Bulwark Exterminators help you keep your home healthy by removing allergy-causing pests.

Featured Image by Konyvesotto from Pixabay