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Security Options For The Gadget Loving Guy

Our homes these days are fast becoming very digital. With flat screen televisions that connect to the internet, to video calling and coffee that brews itself for when you wake up. Life is definitely changing in the home. Many people have become a little gadget obsessed, and who can blame you. The latest technology always has that appeal. So why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the latest technology when it comes to home security? This is why I thought I’d tell you all about some of the home security options that every gadget loving guy will embrace.

Smartphone apps

Many smartphone apps work with your home security. But one of the easiest and more user friendly options is having a particular app connect to your door bell. This means that when it goes off, you will be alerted. You can then see who it is from the display and you could even talk back to them. This works well for situations when the doorbell goes and you are just finishing off getting dressed or when you are out and about. It certainly is a smart way of answering the door.

Hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are becoming increasingly more popular due to the saf fact that home burglary is on the rise. Having hidden cameras is a great way to protect not only the exterior but the interior of your home. Meaning if some untoward was to happen you could even help the authorities catch the culprit by having video evidence. But which hidden camera is right for you? This is when you need to consider your budget and what you want to achieve. Thankfully there are huge resources online with a wealth of information to help you make the right choice for you and your home.


State of the art alarm systems

There is nothing quite like the old fashioned alarm system. But why not invest in something more modern and up to date? These days an alarm system can link to your phone, and could also have options like motion sensors or door activation alarms. All of which will add more security to your home. Having something displayed on the exterior of your home is a great way to deter anyone from even trying to enter your home. Those visual aspects still have a big impact. Again this is down to your personal choice on what you want. You could stick to one alarm or consider the additional offerings now available on modern alarm systems.

Smart locks

Finally, nowadays you can actually lock your home from an app. Yes, I think at some stage the old fashioned key will be a thing of the past. Much like you can enter car’s keyless, you could also have a security lock that enables you to do the same. Either by swiping a card, a fob, or even finger print entry. Things like this aren’t exactly mainstream for residential properties just yet but it will be something for the future. Making it harder for people to manipulate the lock itself to gain entry.

I hope these suggestions help you better secure your home in the future.

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