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Refined Gifts for the Gentleman that Enjoys the Finer Things in Life

Refined Gifts for the Gentleman that Enjoys the Finer Things in Life
Image by Ольга Бережна from Pixabay

Look through the internet’s many websites for gift guides for men, and you will find listicle after listicle recommending everything from the ridiculous to the downright idiotic. According to the internet, every man wants something that wouldn’t look out of place in a student dorm.

Here, we will provide ideas for refined gifts for the gentleman that enjoys the finer things in life, rather than refusing to mature and cling to their college years. If you know someone in your life that wants to be gifted a mature present, then please keep on reading for a list of refined gifts for the gentleman that enjoys the finer things in life. And of course if you’re looking for gifts for men that have everything, you can use a website like GiftFinder for even more clues!

Chess Class

Chess is the thinking man’s game that requires a certain amount of tactical nous to prevail against your opponent. To someone else, chess is the game that the outcasts played after class at school, but to the refined gentleman, it is the ultimate mental battleground.

Millions of people have played chess from around the world. Still, only just over 1500 have ever become good enough to earn the title of grandmaster by FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Écheсs), the world governing body. So, who better to learn from that one of the few grandmasters to have played the game? In 2022, virtual lessons with grandmasters can be purchased where keen players can learn from the very best and will undoubtedly make for popular refined gifts for any gentleman who was a fan of The Queen’s Gambit.


If you think that your husband has everything and there is nothing to surprise him with, then why not give him something that will complement his collection of luxurious gifts or become the first of them. Cuban cigars are one such gift that will become your husband’s favorite thanks to their high quality and uniqueness. There are many types of cigars with different flavor combinations like Cohiba Siglo II, Trinidad Vigia, Montecristo No4, Partagas Lusitania. If your husband likes to try new flavors every time then he will definitely like Trinidad Vigia which has a lot of savoriness balancing well with creamy coffee and a nutty finish. Between more classic ones you can gift him Romeo y Julieta Churchills which is the most famous one among cigar lovers. To complete your gift, wrap it along with a classic ash tray from EveryMarket.

Brandy Decanter

In college, drinking probably involved consuming as much beer as one could manage before throwing up and making themselves ill. It was never about the taste, with beer widely regarded to taste not very good at all…even by those who drink it!

As tastes mature along with the gentleman, one enjoys his drink. Brandy is a fine choice of drink to share with guests after finishing a meal, prolonging the social occasion. If you are looking for a gift for a gentleman that enjoys a tipple of brandy from time to time, then a beautiful, personalized brandy decanter will make for a fine choice.

Weighted Blanket

The hard-working gentleman deserves to relax in the evenings and at the weekend when they are not out and about. Some lists may recommend a pair of slippers or robe, which seem to be the generic go-to gifts, but we have something much better.

A weighted blanket is very comfortable and helps relieve stress and anxiety, helping the person using it feel relaxed and at ease. A weighted blanket can also help improve the quality of sleep, which any go-getter will tell you is important to ensure they are always on top of their game. If you want to gift something meaningful, useful, and a little outside of the box, we highly recommend a weighted blanket for any gentleman.

Good Coffee

Just as sleep is important, so is a good cup of coffee. When we say good coffee, we mean coffee that comes with a much-needed kick, not the poor excuse that you may find from certain fast-food restaurants and in the discount section of the grocery store.

The coffee connoisseur is very particular about their java and won’t settle for anything less than the best. After all, a good cup of coffee is the best way to start the day. Many companies offer whole beans, providing the user with the authentic freshly ground flavor that is usually so cruelly deprived of us as they begin to deteriorate immediately after grinding. Buy the gentleman in your life whole bean coffee to give them the get-up and go they so crave.

Modern Briefcase/Laptop Bag

Work-life has changed dramatically over the last decade. It is now commonplace for workers to take their laptops to and from the office. This allows them to work wherever they want at their convenience. This can be in the office, on the train, in a café, or just before retiring to bed. 

Because of this, adequate transportation is required and, of course, it should also be stylish. We like this bag from Nordstrom, which provides a fashionable and practical solution for transporting a laptop to and from the workplace (or wherever else that may be). Any gentleman gifted this will be delighted and will use it every day.

Featured Image by Ольга Бережна from Pixabay