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Great Gifts for the Active Man

Great Gifts for the Active Man
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If your husband, boyfriend, brother, son, or anyone else you’re buying a gift for is active, the chances are that they would love a gift that reflects that. The key to buying for the active man is understanding what kind of activity he loves. Someone’s who is passionate about lifting weights isn’t going to want the same kind of gift as a long-distance hiker. You should also be aware of the level he’s at. On the other hand, if he’s the type to jump into something new with enthusiasm, you might just help him fall in love with a new sport. With these considerations in mind, all of the suggestions below are great and unusual gift ideas for the man on the go.


An eBike is a terrific gift for an active man who is trying to be more active and incorporate more sustainable ways of living into their lives. Why buy an eBike instead of a common pedal option? Assisted pedaling means that if he’s not a regular cyclist, it offers a less intimidating way to get into the sport. Another big advantage is that it can go faster than a regular bike, making it more practical for commutes to work and other daily usage and encouraging its use over a car. Ebikes run on rechargeable batteries, so you may want to look for one with the longest range. This may not be the right gift for the hardcore cyclist, but for others who want to increase their use of human-powered transportation, it might be perfect.

Fitness Trackers

Apps you can download to your phone can do a lot to help you track his progress and other metrics, but there’s nothing quite like a dedicated fitness tracker for giving him granular information about his performance. Whether he prioritizes battery life, lots of music storage, or extra motivational features, the right tracker is out there to help him excel at running, swimming, cycling, or whatever else he loves to do best.


If he’s just getting started in a new activity, a class can be invaluable. This is particularly true for activities that require some degree of knowledge or expertise, such as rock climbing, winter mountaineering, caving, scuba diving, or sailing. Another great advantage of taking a class is that they offer the opportunity to sample an activity before going all-in on buying gear. Many classes will offer some sort of gift certificate option.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Nearly everyone who is passionate about one or more sports loves gear. If you’re not also an aficionado of the sport, this one can be a little bit tricky because the right gear is based on very individual preferences. However, if your active man is just getting started, your research is probably as good as his. Those who work in outdoor and athletic stores are generally passionate about the sports they sell goods for, which makes them excellent sources of information. If all else fails, when in doubt, a gift card allows him to splurge on something he might not have been able to afford otherwise.

Featured Photo by Gabby K from Pexels