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10 Gifts for Basketball Enthusiasts That Are a Slam Dunk

10 Gifts for Basketball Enthusiasts That Are a Slam Dunk
Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Steph Curry, or Kevin Garnett. No matter who their favorite NBA player is or when they played, you know basketball-themed gifts will be a slam dunk this holiday season with your game-loving loved one. Whether it’s the best pair of basketball shoes or a new jersey, why not buy them something from this basketball gift guide to show them you really care?  

Here are ten gifts that are sure to impress. 

Inspiring Basketball Movies

Want to share some basketball classics with your loved one? Stuff their stocking with one of these basketball-themed movies, make some popcorn, and enjoy family movie night. Our favorites include “He Got Game,” “Love & Basketball,” “Hoosiers,” “Glory Road,” “Coach Carter,” and “Above the Rim.”

Basketball Video Game

Is your loved one also a big gamer? Buy the newest NBA 2K game, and they will be entertained for hours. Make sure you choose the game for the correct gaming console. (e.g., PlayStation 4 versus Xbox)

Basketball Hoop

Maybe your loved one isn’t just a fan of the game but plays, too. Invest in an outdoor hoop so they can practice their technique. Check out some of the best basketball hoops and pick between portable or in-ground. 

Already have an outdoor hoop? Bring the game inside with a mini over-the-door hoop for their bedroom or a double hoop arcade game they can use to challenge friends to some friendly competition.

Training Gear

If your loved one is looking to get better at their sport, they would love some training gear to enhance their skills. Think of an agility ladder, dribble stick, or ball-handling gloves. These tools will help your athlete increase speed as well as dribbling and ball-handling skills before their next big game. 

Trading Cards

Sports trading cards, which were popular in the 80s and 90s, are making a comeback. Whether you buy new, pre-owned, or hand down some of your own trading cards from the past, finding your loved one’s favorite players is bound to make their basketball dreams come true. 

sports trading cards
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Signed Photo

Try your luck on eBay to snag a one-of-a-kind autographed photo of your loved one’s favorite player. Be mindful that some autographed photos may be mass-produced prints versus authentic autographs. Once you bid, check back regularly to see if you’ve been outbid. This gift requires more work on your part, but the gleeful reaction when your loved one unwraps this unique gift is worth the extra effort. 

Tickets to a Game

Not much can beat seeing your favorite players live on the court. Buy tickets to an upcoming game and make a day of it. Grab dinner in the city, snacks at the arena, sport your favorite fan gear, and enjoy the action.

NBA League Pass

Your loved one can’t be at every game in person, but they can watch every game if you purchase NBA League Pass. Thanks to online streaming, the best part about this gift is that you don’t need a cable provider to watch. Use a gaming console, Chromecast, or Apple TV to stream every game of the season. 

Fan Gear

Does your loved one have their favorite player’s jersey or team hat? If not, it’s about time they did. Choose one jersey or hat, or deck them out head-to-toe in team apparel. 

New Kicks

A gift that is sure to please is a new pair of kicks. Whether you buy Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or Jordans, your loved ones will look fresh in a new pair of sneakers. Check out this gift guide to find the right shoes for your favorite basketball fan. 

If your loved one is a spectator, player, or both, these basketball-themed gifts are sure to win you some points at the next holiday gathering. And we think that’s a slam dunk! 

Featured Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash