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Flying with Wine-VinGardeValise

Good luggage gets stuff to your destination in one piece. Great luggage does it with style, ease, and thoughtful details. We have all made our fair share of luggage purchases and I think it is safe to say that not all luggage is created equal. These days I find myself becoming more discerning about my luggage choices. Now that many of us are traveling again, I’m able to indulge in my luggage addiction. If this summer was any indication, the holiday travel season is going to be very busy, making it the perfect time to try something new.

As a self-proclaimed vino and travel lover, I have always agonized over shipping wine to and from various destinations. I’ve even gone so far as to wrap my wine in clothes and then place them in my checked luggage. Unfortunately, I’ve had my fair share of wine bottles that didn’t survive the trip thus leaving me with wasted wine and ruined clothes. I knew there had to be a better way to transport my wine that didn’t result in delivery signatures, expensive shipping fees, or customs delays.

The VinGardeValise Piccolo is the perfect alternative to shipping wine.  It’s the wine suitcase you never knew you needed. Upon unboxing I noticed that the construction was incredibly sturdy, the wheels moved smoothly and the interior was well designed. The TSA compliant lock was easy to use and the telescopic handle expanded easily. The handles on the top and side were easy to grab and made loading it into a car effortless.

I decided to give this a whirl during a weekend in Asheville. I knew I would be visiting several wineries but didn’t want to ship wine home for such a short trip. I used one side of the  VinGardeValise Piccolo for my clothes(two days’ worth) and left the insert in place on the other side for the wine. We loaded up the car and were off.

Biltmore Estate Winery was our destination and it did not disappoint. This historic property blends gorgeous architecture and amazing service for a one-of-a-kind wine experience. I ended up purchasing 6 bottles, so I had an odd man out that I placed in between my toiletry kit and packing cubes. It was at that moment that I realized that I needed to purchase an additional insert to fit more wine. Luckily for me, additional inserts are available and I learned that they also have options for beer and Magnum-sized bottles of wine.

The rest of my trip was spent visiting local breweries, enjoying picturesque views, and getting to savor Asheville’s amazing food scene.  Our Airbnb was in a remote spot and the luggage performed well on the unpaved driveway and was it was easy      (thanks to those sturdy side handles) to lug up a flight of stairs. As I was preparing to leave the next day  I managed to knock over the luggage but the wine was left intact and the exterior of the luggage didn’t even show a scratch.


The VinGardeValise Piccolo met and exceeded all of my expectations. I’m looking forward to using it during the holidays so I can share my favorite wines with family and friends. This luggage would also make a thoughtful gift for the well-traveled beer/wine aficionado in your life. VinGardeValise understood that there was a need for expertly designed luggage that could protect your favorite adult beverages and accommodate your essentials.

Now I no longer have to wish I could share an amazing bottle from my collection with a friend over dinner when I’m visiting. I can now bring my favorites along for the adventure. I’d highly recommend the VinGardeValise  to anyone who would appreciate being able to travel stress-free with their favorite bottles of wine.

As a friendly reminder never check luggage containing sparkling bottles of wine. It is not permitted by airlines and will result in your luggage not being allowed to fly. The aspiring gentleman was gifted this luggage. The opinions of this product are their own.