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Why You Should Purchase Your Engagement Ring Online

It’s understandable that the title of this article may come as a shock to some of you. This goes way against the grain of what we’ve been led to believe all of our lives. But we are hoping you are going to hear us out on this one. For example, take a look at this James Allen review from The Diamond Advisors. The people at The Diamond Advisors know what they are talking about; they have been online for close to 20 years as of the writing of this article, and have utterly convinced us and everybody else they know that it’s actually better to get your diamond engagement ring online.

Variety Is the Spice of Life (and the key to diamond shopping)

This is the number one factor that tips the scales toward choosing the perfect diamond online. Online retailers are capable of having so much more to choose from than your local diamond store at the mall can ever aspire to have. This means getting your dream engagement ring, and really having the special lady’s dreams come true 100%. People back in the day did a whole lot of settling for whatever they could find near them. The internet has changed all that. There is no need to keep living in the stone age with limited choices anymore.

Transparency Is Good Too

If an online diamond retailer sells you a ring, you can be confident that when they say that diamond is fair trade and conflict free, they are telling the truth, because they are an easy target if they are lying. Frankly, your little neighborhood retailer would have a lot easier time getting away with that sort of thing. You can also get access to things like gemology lab reports as you are searching for that perfect diamond, to know you are really getting your money’s worth. Lifetime warranties are de rigeur, and companies respect them because they know they will get called to task right away if they don’t. Local stores are much more impune as far as criticism goes; when you are online you are beholden to the public in a much more serious way.

No Pressure Is an even Better Thing

You can browse for hours and hours if you want, with no pressure and no sales talk or manipulative tactics from some shady salesperson. You make your own purchase decision in your own time, and you can take as much time as you want. Nobody will be rushing you or trying to up-sell you at any point in time.

Better Perspective

Lastly, for those of you worried about not getting a good look at the diamond, you can look at all the offerings in 360 degrees, and magnify them up to 40x. This is better than you can do in a brick and mortar store even with a jeweller’s tool.

So we think that by now it’s pretty obvious why it’s actually better to buy your ring online.