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The Time-Tracking System: An Effective Way To Manage Your Assignments

For the ambitious businessman, time equals money – especially if you happen to be in the human services or tech news industries. Time-tracking and billing software with outlook integration can assist you in skillfully managing your assignments and keeping a record of how long they take to accomplish. You want to find not only an effective management system but also a program that helps you to conserve time spent doing administrative duties.

To accomplish these considerable goals, the most efficient time tracker usually integrates a variety of tools like an invoicing platform, CRM functionality, tech news, and other resources that entrepreneurs can use to maximize their business potential. High-quality time-tracking programs can produce in-depth, updated reports with just a few clicks, which can then be exported or integrated into your project information.

There are a variety of time tracking options currently available, but in general, the essential functions you want to be included in the software or system you choose include:

Tracking employee locations

With an effective time tracker, the location of your employees is not a barrier to their clocking in. Staff members should be able to clock in from any company-approved phone or computer in under a minute, preferably with IP and GPS tracking so that you’re aware of the location they’re clocking in at. The timetracking system is particularly well-suited for these purposes.


Handling PTO (paid time off) accruements

Many track time programs let you set up your desired PTO configuration and then handle all the computations for you. For tracking PTO hours, you can also usually access an unambiguous calendar feature that lets you easily observe who is supposed to work, allowing you to prepare your shifts properly.

Keeping a check on overtime hours

Being able to see a constantly updated total of accumulated overtime (and receiving tech news notifications anytime a worker approaches their limit) enables you to develop shifts appropriately.

Completing payroll accounting rapidly

After you’ve created your employee payment calendar, producing the payroll statement should be as easy as pressing a button. You should be able to easily review employee work logs and any time taken off during the payment period, and likewise, your employees should have access to their pay stubs any time they need.

Tracking timesheet changes

When you can keep track of any modifications made on employee timecards, you’ll be able to assess and process them on the web, allowing you to verify in real-time the detailed job feeds of whoever is currently working. This helps to maintain employee integrity, and it benefits workers by letting them see their own logged work time, so they can be sure their hours are being recorded accurately.

Designating tasks and setting up user permissions

Whenever you need to include an additional worker, payroll supervisor, or CEO in a project, you should have no trouble specifying just what your employees are allowed to do regarding vacations, modifying account and billing information, updating timecards, accessing tech news, and recording hours worked.

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