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What No One Tells You About Addictions?

Addictions and depression are two concepts we are now used to hearing all the time, but how many of us really know what they mean? If you never had one of these conditions or no one in your family had them, you can’t possibly know the struggle of being addicted and struggling to stay sober after detox. That’s because there are many things no one will tell you about the condition.

It’s easy to slide down

One of the things no one tells about addiction is that it happens very quickly. One day you are casually doing opiates and the next day you are on a detox program because you’ve become addicted. Those around the addicted sometimes see what is going on, but in most cases, they miss the signs too, exactly because it all happens so quickly and smoothly. However, the road back to soberly is not quick, nor smooth.

There is no such thing “It won’t happen to me”

Addictions happen to anyone. There are people who simply do drugs without thinking and people who believe they won’t become addicted, so they tempt their faith over and over again. The reality is, you will become addicted, even if you love to show off with the fact you can quit at any time. One day you won’t be able to quit and you will find yourself in the trap of addiction.

You quickly lose your mind

Drugs are so deceiving because they make you lose your mind without even realizing it. The first few doses make you more sociable, give you an energy boost and make everything in life alright. But the more you take, the less effective it becomes. Moreover, the pleasant high gives room to negative thoughts about life and yourself. This psychosis is debilitating and it can even lead to suicidal thoughts.

The addiction treatment can get you addicted

Well, almost – depression is treated with drugs that can lead to addictions, and in many cases they do. This means people who come with depression, end up addicted to the drugs used as a treatment, which makes their condition worse.

An addict can’t stop

This is the main problem of addicts, as they can’t stop taking the substance they are addicted to. No one ever has the goal to get intoxicated; everyone takes the drugs or starts drinking in order to feel good and get rid of all the problems for several hours. Normal people’s brain gives them a signal when it’s enough, but an addict’s brain never does it. Instead, they continue to drink or take the substance, until they can’t function anymore. Even those who have undergone treatment in rehab centers are still prone to relapse. This is because some withdrawal treatments like rapid opiate detox do not treat the root of the dependency.

Sometimes we go from addiction to addiction

There are times when an addict’s brain needs to switch to another addiction after getting rid of the original one. Coffee, sweets, anything can become the object of the new addiction, as the brain is actively looking to fill in the void left by the former addiction.

What was once fun now it’s boring

When you are addicted to a certain substance you also develop a taste for certain activities, such as playing the guitar or clubbing. But after a detox, those activities and your former “friends” become boring. This is because you only loved doing those things after drinking or taking drugs. Now, when you are sober, those things are not fun to do anymore. A former addict needs to find new friends and new hobbies, which are fun without a dose of alcohol, cocaine or another drug.