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Modafinil: The New Brain Booster

I’m going to share something a bit personal with you. No, it’s not some details of my love life or anything stupid like that.

I’ve noticed over the past several years that certain substances no longer have the same (desired) effect on me that they used to have.  And at the top of the list is that good old cup of coffee; it just doesn’t give me the energy it once did.

I still love to drink coffee for the taste and overall sensation of it, but I’ve had to search for alternatives for times when, for example, tons of work comes in, and I need to stay crisp while I get it done. Being self-employed is amazing, but it does have a few drawbacks, and one of them is that sometimes all the work comes in at once, and what’s worse, sometimes it’s all urgent.

So if I can no longer rely on caffeine to give me the necessary alertness and mental focus, where to turn to?


First off, I would never recommend anything illegal or semi-legal, for obvious reasons. But beyond that, I think that many drugs that a doctor would even innocently write you a prescription for (I have a friend who has one for adderal, for example), are just plain overkill. I want to increase my alertness, not have enough energy to climb a mountain when all I’m really doing is sitting at a computer and working. Plus, many of those substances can easily lead to the dreaded adrenal fatigue (which thankfully was never a problem with me and caffeine).

I also tried nicotine gum for a while, but because I’ve never been a smoker/vaper, the nicotine tends to wake me up, but also make me dizzy and a little bit queasy. So I ditched that idea.

I’ve finally settled on something called modafinil. This is a new substance that just works without any side effects. It’s modern pharmaceutical tech in its best implementation. And to top it off, I find it to be very reasonably priced.


The modafinil family has a few commercialized variations, them being Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil. I use Modalert myself, which is kind of a middle of the road type of solution which works brilliantly for me. I like to buy modafinil online , I hate going to doctors when it’s not particularly urgent, and it’s cheaply and conveniently delivered to my door. The above hyperlink also has links to its bigger and smaller brothers in the family.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to caffeine that won’t be overkill and won’t break the bank, I highly recommend you check out modafinil.

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