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Men’s Fashion Trends for Evening Parties

  • When it comes to party, every season is a party season! Evening parties are a great way to socialize,meet new people and have a good time. Dressing up for parties can be a little tricky as casting a long term, effortless impression, certainly requires some efforts. If you still aren’t sure with what to put on for an envious look, here are a few trends from Grasim collection that will always make sure you come out as a winner:Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFdYJh84ANQ
    • Blue is the new black

    Dressing up is all about having fun and taking liberties with the ‘tried and tested’ looks. You don’t have to necessarily put on the all-black ensemble to look your best. Blue is definitely the new black this season. It is more relaxed than black and yet exudes the same sharpness which will have eyes roving over you in an instant. Depending on how formal the occasion is, you can pair it with a chambray shirt or ditch the tie to look slightly more casual.


  • Bring in some colour!

Experimenting and splashing colours onto your wardrobe will give it a refreshing makeover. A lot can be mixed and matched to create a different ensemble for every occasion.. A three-piece suit in a bright colour will make you look novel and help break the monotony. Light dinner jackets in colours in deep monotone shades could also work: think maroons, burgundy or the deeper greens (but here going with the jazzy colours may become your undoing!).


Put on the plaid look

  • Plaids are back in a big way and it’s time to rock this trend. There are countless options with this one: you can team a plaid on plaid look with denim shirts, polo necks and even henleys for a more suave look. For those who don’t want anything too dramatic, the less bold plaids in earthy colours could be the perfect choice. If a suit is a bit much for you, a jacket in bold graphics or in stripes can also make a strong statement and at the same time let you be a little more creative.
    • Mix-n- match

    Sometimes a little bit of a mis-match is a good thing. Shake your wardrobe a little and bring out the sports jackets, pairing them with a beige or khaki-coloured trousers and a checkered shirt. The colours can be mixed and matched which will not just make your eveningwear a bit more playful but by doing this you can break away from the formal suited look. When done with the right amount of detail, the mix-n-match look will grant you the class and elegance of a suit, but with an added dose of individuality.

3Don’t forget the add ons: Ties and pocket square

  • Make a bold statement with a tie if the rest of the suit is simple and toned down, but you should definitely stick with a more subtle tie when experimenting with patterns and louder colours. Same rule applies for the pocket squares: make them showy if the suits demand it, otherwise keep them simple. Throw on the perfect pair of Oxfords, shined to perfection and you are good to go.


All said and done, these trends are sure to keep you at the top of your game but make sure you don’t leave your confidence at home because your clothes will only reflect on the outside, what you are feeling inside. If unsure of anything, don’t overthink it but follow the golden rule: when in doubt, leave it out! Don’t follow a trend just because everyone else is wearing it, wear whatever is an extension of your personality and you’ll be a force to be reckoned in any party.