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For Men Who Travel: Top Apps and Gadgets for Gifting Guys on the Go

Finding gifts for the guys in your life who travel frequently can be a tough challenge: you may think that they already have everything they want, or that you’d be hard=pressed to find something they haven’t heard about.

But if you think about it, there are plenty of things that men can always use that will help them in their travels. You can get them new luggage, find a new app that will help them stay on time and even some clothing that will help them stay comfortable on long flights and cramped hotel rooms. Here are a few cool ideas you can think about next time you want to find something the well-traveled man who you think already has everything.

Better Luggage

Luggage can wear out quickly, especially if you travel often: all of the bumps of loading and unloading and rubbing up against other luggage can leave them looking worn and dingy after just a few flights.

Not is Bluesmart Luggage build from durable nylon that prevents tears, rips and weather damage, it has a built-in battery so you can charge up to six devices at a time. Because of the luggage’s smart technology, it also weighs itself so you will never have to worry about cutting close at the check in ever again.

One of the coolest features is that the luggage also has built-in GPS tracking, which uses the 3G network to help locate the bag anywhere in the world. This way, even if the airline loses the luggage, you still have a chance of locating it.

An Alarm Clock App


If the man in your life travels a lot, chances are that he will need a reliable alarm clock that helps him get to the airport on time and wakes him up for his business meetings or whatever else he may do while he’s away.

The Alarm Clock for Me app for Android devices is the perfect way to wake up. It can play songs from your playlist to help you wake up easily, or you can set it to sound like a regular alarm if you are a deeper sleeper. The app also functions as a bedside clock, so you can just roll over to see what time it is instead of fumbling with your phone in the dark to find out.

You can learn more at Google Play.

Comfortable Clothing

The SCOTTeVEST travel hoodie is a great gift for any frequent traveler you may know.

This hoodie was built with travelers in mind: not only is it comfortable, but it has a built-in personal area network and earbud loops so you can listen to music easily. It has several hidden pockets as well, so you can stash money, passports, and other personal items without the fear of theft. It also features a weight-control system that balances the load you’re carrying to make it easier.

Just because someone you know travels a lot doesn’t mean they have everything they need.